M and I are leaving for the Reno National Championship Air Races this evening. It has been like the two weeks before Christmas with a very young child around here, M is so very excited. Me, not so much, but it will be nice to get away, the racing itself is very exciting, and I feel very zen about the potential for failure in eating event foods (read: pure junk). While I have better snacks ready to take with me, there will be burgers and chicken kabobs consumed as well as the potential for shaved ice and cinnamon rolls consumed in the days we are away. As is our custom, we will have a nice dinner in the various casino restaurants and I can do better with those.

I have a couple of work appointments today, a slew of emails, another handful of phone calls, but everything else will be on hold until I return. I have no doubts there will be email and possibly a few calls while I’m away, but there is none of the frantic panic anxiety when I left for Seattle. What a difference a couple of weeks and workload shift makes.

Self-employment seems to be settling down into a steady drumbeat pace. I may be losing my helper daughter, though, in that she has a third interview on Friday for a reception job at a law firm. My hope is that she does get the job, because she desperately wants to transition away from the type of work she is doing now. It’s less money and the benefits are not quite as generous, but it would be a solid step toward a different work-life balance. Fingers and toes crossed this goes her way.

Things have been settling down into a rather routine, boring pace for everyone it seems. The kids, my young friend, all significant others were over Sunday night for dinner. It was a fun evening, with lots of discussion of new jobs, new potential jobs, promotions, and adventures. Young friend is loving her new apartment and spending her spare time searching Craigslist and Freecycle for treasures. I was able to send her home with a small box of kitchen gadgets M and I no longer need or use, a few sets of queen size sheets (our guest bed is a queen and will soon be freecycled).

K is enjoying her new job and it’s responsibilities. The commute is an adjustment, but the environment is drama-free and the grounds quite beautiful.

G is back on the school/work track and does not love it, but understands that he needs the degree to reach his ultimate employment goals. Mostly it’s classes and work hours being smushed so closely together, leaving very little dawdle time to get from campus to work. He’s also back to coaching the marathon group, so even his Sundays now have a work-related commitment with the group meetings/runs. K joins him for those, though, so they it’s not so bad.

A was recently promoted to a new customer service role with his job and it’s been a stressful transition. There is little connection of chemistry with his team leader and it gives him a lot of anxiety. However, it’s only been a couple of weeks and he is settling down and focusing on the work and his call metrics. In a few months he can request a transfer to another supervisor and as long as his stats stay good and high she cannot take much action against him. My feeling is she does not have anything personal against him but is feeling burned out as a supervisor and team leader. Time will tell.

I will be back this afternoon with my report from my training session with J.

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