We are from Northern California and have pretty mild winters compared to a lot of other people. Because of that, I am well aware of our cold weather wimpy-ness. Today I was sitting in the stands wearing 2 shirts and a windbreaker under cloudy skies and gusting wind with 60-something temperatures. Because M said it was “unlikely” to get too cloudy or cold and we should leave our down sweaters in the car.

M was so wrong.

For the first 2 hours while he went for food and to see what was doing in the pits, I watched qualifying planes fly, blogged from my phone (a first for me), read blogs on my iPad, and waited for him to return and get back to the car for our jackets. I did squats and lunges down the row to get my blood moving (I was the only one in our entire section most of the morning). In all the times we have been here for this event, this was a first for us. Usually I am wetting clothes to hang around my neck. Once I had my puffy jacket on under my windbreaker my mood improved. I get cold I am cranky.

The day was fun, the racing heats brisk and interesting to watch. The wind was bad enough to cancel biplane and formula 1 heats as well as the military sky diving team practice. Tomorrow is more race heats, touring the static exhibits, and possibly iPad blogging. The air show aspect of the air races tends to bore me after seeing it the first time so I like having options.

For vacation the days start early and are pretty exhausting. I’ll be in bed and asleep by 8 pm. Still, M is enjoying himself and meeting new friends and others he’s met via Facebook or aviation related pages. Thankfully he finally gets that it’s better he go into the pits on his own, because he can stay as long as he likes and talk as much as he wants without me trying to hide my bored face. We are again seated near an elderly group of retired aviators and aircraft mechanics that come every year. They are quite charming and entertaining sharing life stories and such.

For now I need sleep. Tomorrow is another full, hopefully warmer day.

2 thoughts on “Baby it’s cold outside!

    1. Ok finishing my reply. I don’t hit the jeans til 50-52. In fact our last(and this year only) weekend down the shore is in October. But I guess you get used to the heat where I get used to mid temps. I would prob melt out there

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