I’m sitting in our seats at the Reno Championship air races. Breezy and cool, I’m wearing my windbreaker, a first for this event.

I got home around 5 yesterday, expecting to throw my toothbrush, medication, and any other last-minute things into my bag and leaving.  M had gotten up and run in the morning, so I expected him to be packed and ready and just waiting for me.

Ummm, no. He had not even started packing. Le sigh. 

I was irritated but resigned. I thought we might be done quickly, like within an hour. Who was I kidding? Two hours later we are finally out the door. But in that time I left my flip flops on the bed, my glucose meter on its charger in the bathroom, and a bottle of motion on the kitchen table. This in addition to realizing I no like Niger have my daypack and have to settle for a tiny little city pack.

This is truly m’s event. I would not be distressed if we missed the air races for the balance of our lives. And since he silly-dallied this morning we missed a couple of early events. Part of that was stopping at Walgreens for another meter and a pair of flops, but despite my asking him 3 times no Motrin. Instead mark wants to not listen to me and instead badger the pharmacist about the exact same meter I have at home. I was already mildly irritated about his complaining about the late start (I was ready at 7 as we agreed) and escalated into angry by the time we  made our purchases and got on the road.

But now we are here, planes are flying, and it’s kinda cold but I’m dealing. Tonight I will get our crap together before we sleep. So tomorrow can start like a relaxing vacation and not contemplating divorce so I never have to deal with pissy, disorganized shit like this again.

Yeah, patience is not my strong suit. And I have my terrible spouse moments. Hopefully they are now concluded.

4 thoughts on “Vacation – all I forgot

  1. LOL! Everything must be ready the night before – or the day starts bad and I have to remind myself smacking someone upside the head really isn’t helpful. Tempting but not helpful! Have fun!

    1. Lunging inside our room at the hotel, and now up and down the row here in the bleachers. The wind is whipping and it’s overcast, and eve with a puffy jacket and a windbreaker and 2 shirts, I’m freezing my ass off! Lunging up and down the row and doing squats to try and stay warm. Yep, I’m a wimpy Cali girl.

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