Today was our second day at the Reno air races. Still up at the top of the bleachers all day long in my down sweater, but not shivering and feeling like there is a potential ice age about to overwhelm us. It was sunny today and that certainly helped the comfort factor. M remarked on the way back to our hotel that this was the best day ever for us at this event. I could not agree more.

Each year we seem to get a little better at managing this event. Last year we discovered the shuttle service. It’s not cheap – $40 per day for a round trip bus ride to and from the event – but for us it’s worth every single penny. Parking is a minimum of $15/day, plus the aggravation of sitting and trying to escape with thousands of others at the end of the day, the walking a half mile or more to the gate, and then the heavy traffic. The last time we drove – 2 years ago – it took us 2 hours to go the few miles to the freeway on ramp. Today it was 30 minutes from the time we boarded the bus to getting off at our hotel. It’s worth the extra money to relax after a long day. We plan for this cost in our vacation budget.

M loves going into the pits and talking to the crews and other aviation enthusiasts he meets. Yesterday he bought a pit pass for $20 and had a blast! He literally spent half our day down there. He was concerned about the cost of an all-event pit pass for $127 and thought he might just buy one for some of the days. It would have saved $20 to buy it yesterday, but that ship had sailed. This money was also in the budget, but he felt like it was too much to plan to go every day. He lucked out today and found someone with an unused all event pass he was selling for $100. It saves us only $7 overall, but M feels better about it and is delighted to be able to go down there as much as he wishes.

From rom my perch seat I have actually been enjoying the races this year. Granted it has not been sizzling heat – a novel and welcome change from normal conditions here – but also aviation enthusiasts tend to be uber nice, friendly, normal people. I have a group of retired military airplane crew chiefs, mechanics, and pilots sitting next to me and a couple from the Midwest on the other side. When not watching racing or chatting with them I can read and relax. There have been a few work-related emails, texts, and phone calls, but nothing serious, urgent, or within my power to change even if I had been home. What is even nicer, and so very strange for me, I am not even concerned or worried about work or what might be waiting when I get home. For the first time in what feels like forever I am actually relaxed and enjoying my vacation. How sad is it that I finally get what people are talking about when they come back relaxed and refreshed after time away?

On the diet and exercise fronts it has been a mixed bag. I did floor work this morning and we are walking a lot for cardio. Eating has been just okay – too much coffee (with milk and chocolate), soda (M and Pepsi are in uneasy alliance), carbs (bread – the bane of my existence). We have had good dinners the last 2 nights, and other than the aforementioned transgressions, I have been eating a quest bar and a bag of almonds with bottles of water at the actual venue. Everything there seems like too much – too fried, too much sugar, just too awful a price after the fact. I am having to be careful with my mess, because I was 43 at 10 pm and dropped to 60 before eating something this afternoon. At least I’m steering clear of shaved ice and its lethal syrups and funnel cake and that ilk and all its fat, sugar, calories.

Vacation is fun as long as I do not stray too far down the the tastes-so-good-and-is-so-bad pathway.

Hope all of you had a good week.

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