We got home from our trip this morning about 11 a.m. yesterday. Hands down, this was the most relaxing vacation I have enjoyed in years. Part of it was being away from work, part of it was the actual adventure of the races themselves. Truly, for the first time in the years we have been going, I truly got into the racing and enjoyed the experience.

But M and I are truly not party animals – we were back at our hotel and I was asleep by 8 or 8:30 every single night. We would get up early, be on the 7 a.m. shuttle to the air field, back at the hotel by 5 each evening, and after a shower and dinner, in bed and me sleeping soundly shortly thereafter. During the days I was in our seats in the bleachers, watching and enjoying the racing. The air show part was enjoyable the first time, but by Saturday and Sunday I timed my bathroom breaks, refreshment purchases, and vendor browsing to the demonstrations and such. M had a pit pass for the entire 5 days and went daily into the pits for several hours to see the planes and chat with pilots and crews. Some people might be disturbed by this, but for us it works. He pursues things that genuinely interest him and I stay put and spectate and read from my bleacher-seat perch.

For the first time in a long time I detached from work. I talked to my daughter about work-related stuff a couple of times, talked to a few clients about various work-related stuff that could not wait or that was easy enough that I did not want to let wait. Instead I became totally absorbed in the planes, the racing, the conversations with the other aviation enthusiasts sitting all around us. And what turned out to be the most interesting – many of them were also sitting around us last year. It was nice to see them again, chat about our year, catch up, get to know one another better.

Today I am back into work, but the afternoon and evening yesterday was all about mail, home chores, laundry, reminding the cats who actually buys the kibble and canned food and treats for them. We even had pizza for dinner – last day of vacation for us – and I must say it is nice to be back home.

On other matters, we did not blow the financial budget or on the eating and drinking and other types of self-imposed budgets. I did not get as much exercise as I would have liked, but I was largely successful in resisting the lure of event food temptation. Every day I brought almonds and a protein bar for lunches, we shared one shaved ice and one pretzel in the five days of the air races, and we ate a good dinner each evening (five nights of prime rib is not all bad). Eating more salad would have been better, but still it was not the gain-10-pounds vacation disaster that usually happens. In fact, I weigh the same as I did on my weigh-in last Tuesday.

I have to work out some things with regard to work-life balance, but that’s another post if and when I get around to any conclusions or ephiphanies on the subject. Today it’s all about work, getting back into the exercise and normal eating grooves, and buying another Sonicare toothbrush. Mine died Sunday night after several years of service, and I am now so spoiled I feel as if I cannot be without one. M’s has been slowly dying the last month, so it’s time to purchase a replacement unit.

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