I hurt my foot while we were in Seattle and it’s been sore and tender at least part of each day since then. It’s like a muscle sprain or spasm in the arch of my right foot, and while training with J this morning I did something that caused the pain and strain to flare hard. Fortunately we were on the tail end of step-ups when it happened, but I was fine to continue to hinges and sumo deadlifts. I was definitely limping since it happened, and it’s painful even sitting with the foot delevated. Pain tends to prey upon my stress level, and after what just happened I have given in and scheduled a doctor appointment tomorrow morning. Maybe there’s something I can do to make it heal faster.

Because I have this nagging pain in my foot, my tension and stress triggers are higher than normal. I am at my part-time job today trying to clean up some messes and catch up on things, one of which is a former copy machine lease with ongoing drama. Into which walks the latests and greatest sales rep, who proceeds to profess to understand my frustration with his firm yet marginalize it at the same time. I uncharacertistically completely lost my cool, raised my voice, and limpingly threw him out of my office.

The fun never seems to end during my limited time here.

This has been a very stressful week. While I enjoyed my time away and returned refreshed and relaxed, that quickly evaporated under the sheer volume of work and problems here in this one firm. It reinforces that cutting back and expanding my freelance work into a full-time business was the right solution to an ongoing problem, yet until I completely cut ties here I am going to be faced with the stress and the issues. My reasons for maintaining this relationship are valid – health insurance! – but the contrast between the rest of my clients and workload and this one job is stark. I simply must stay through the end of the year, when my plan to change to another insurance carrier comes to fruition, after which I can terminate my employment and go COBRA until I find another healthcare solution. Since I have a chronic health condition, I must stick it out until I am established with the new carrier on December 1. It’s only a few months; I can do it.

But I do not want to do it. I want to be irresponsible and cut ties completely NOW. Sometimes it truly sucks to be a rsponsible adult.

2 thoughts on “Bad days, worse days

  1. First and most importantly – sorry about the foot! As a diabetic please be very careful. I had a foot injury early on with D and it was important to keep exercising but not do anything that aggravated the foot until it healed. Amazing how many exercises he could find that fit that description (sarcastic).

    I’m going to play a bit of a devil’s advocate here on the part-time job/health insurance. What happens if you leave early? I don’t know the rules on the exchanges but I would think that the loss of the job would allow you access to the exchange early and you could buy something for the short gap (because you CAN’T be without insurance!!)? Or perhaps COBRA the period if necessary? Again – pricey likely – but the imbalance between pay for the work and stress is pretty bad. I completely get the pain of transitioning to new healthcare too. If it could actually be done quickly – just expensive – I think you should revisit the idea.

    All that being said – because you are a professional – I’m guessing that you would need most of the period between now and your target date – to wrap things up to hand off – regardless. So how can you mitigate some of this? Can you send your daughter to pick up/drop off mail/checks/etc? Go in less frequently? Hand off more things to your friend that was just hired there? Or to the owners? Starting handing off issues now instead at end? BTW – throwing out the sales guy is great! Exactly how you should. Except you shouldn’t have stood up – just tell him to get out. 😉

    And yes – being a responsible adult is a real pain. Adulthood is so oversold in some ways. But as you leave that situation behind and enter 2016 with a roster of clients/work that you enjoy/cause less personal stress – being a responsible adult will begin to be more attractive.

    1. I joke with J that I could tell him I was on life support and he’d say “we can work around that ….” The foot is REALLY aggravating, but there are foot stretches, OTC anti-inflammatory drugs, and ice in my future. I found that I can still do pretty much everything except the “step ups” that caused me to aggravate the injured foot that started in Seattle.
      I go back and forth on the health insurance. My biggest worry right now is we’re going from non-ACA-compliant plans to ACA-compliant plans effective 12/1/2015. I do not want to do this through the exchanges, preferring COBRA for right now, because the employer-based plans are more broadly accepted in my area. It’s going to be expensive no matter what I do.
      I’m already handing off a lot of stuff to the new assistant here, and that’s working out really well. The messes I’m cleaning up were here when I was full-time doing everything, and I think I find them particularly irritating because others are not being responsible workers and consistently pushing back instead of just dealing with the problem at hand. Unfortuntely that never seems to go away no matter what industry. But I always appreciate your feedback and suggestions. I just feverently wish I could implement more of them RIGHT NOW. But hey – it’s only a couple more months. I knocked off a couple of biggies on my list today; I think throwing someone out while hobbled was empowering.

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