I am such a baby about this foot injury thing. Thursday it was so tender to the touch I could barely walk and yelped loudly when M manhandled touched it. The planter facia thing on the bottom of the foot is not to be trifled with, because when it gets mad it gets MAD.

Yesterday it was even worse, visibly swollen and I could barely walk. Needless to say my treadmill desk was completely off-limits for me, and I relocated my laptop and sad self to the work table in the family room. Anti-inflammatory drugs, rolling it around on a frozen bottle of water (unpleasant sensation to put it lightly), and keeping it elevated through the workday helped a lot. But I was still unhappy and yelled at M when he was rubbing some aspercreme with lidocaine into it at bedtime. Seriously, can he not see it’s swollen and painful like a big giant bruise? Does he not understand the words “THAT F–KING HURTS!” means “please, honey, do not rub so hard on the very sore, very tender spot on the bottom of my foot”?

I am not a good sick person. I am an even worse sore foot person, apparently.

Thankfully today it’s much better. Swelling is down significantly and I can actually walk on it almost normally. I am wearing sneakers everywhere – no flip-flops and no barefoot for me – and still icing, taking anti-inflammatory drugs, and keeping it elevated while seated. Not doing a lot of walking on it, either.

But I still went to the gym. Which is different for me. Normally I would be secretly celebrating not having to work out, but all I can think of right now is how much my new skills are eroding from lack of use due to this silly foot going lame. I consoled myself with upper body and ab workouts, all of which required kneeling or lying down to accomplish. At this rate I could turn into someone with a nicely developed upper body and some version of chicken legs to support me.

I also got the latest version of my favorite running shoe (Asics Gel-Kayano 22), which is clunky when compared to the nice little minimalist I was test driving when the foot failed. Once I tried the Asics on, it was a heavenly fit and feel, making me wonder what I was thinking straying from the brand and the shoe I have worn for several years. G works at a running shoe store and his boss generously gives an excellent discount to employees and their families, which makes me feel terribly guilty and as if I am taking advantage of the store owner’s generosity. But my foot is giving me grief and these shoes make it feel better, so I got them. Plus they are a good color scheme – kind of a dark grape color with hot pink accents and laces.

Tomorrow is more abs and more upper body stuff. If the foot continues feeling better, I get to put on a special support sock and cautiously try some limited cardio and lower body on Monday, per my doc. But at least M can rub the aspercreme into my foot without my swearing and yelping. Progress.

2 thoughts on “Something different

  1. I’ve had a lot of foot injuries due to running and the thing that always helped me was alternating between heat and ice. It allows the muscles to relax and then shrinks the swelling. You should try it! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Amanda – the ice is really uncomfortable while doing it and oddly pleasant as my foot returns to normal body temperature. The idea of alternating with heat sounds ideal.

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