So my plantar facia problem continues. It’s like an ongoing saga that seems to have no end, but in reality it’s only been a few weeks of intermittent pain and less than a week of truly youchie pain. It IS improving and getting better. The biggest problem is I am an incredible baby about the whole process and want it resolved/solved/healed. Yesterday.

I am supposed to ice it twice daily for 15 to 20 minutes. We have frozen a couple of water bottles for me to roll around against the bottom of my foot. It helps, but the actual icing is so unpleasant that I absolutely dread it. No amount of distraction seems to remove my focus on this icy cold thing against the sole of my foot. I have to set the timer to ensure I do the minimum amount. Heaven help M if I something worse ever befalls me, because I definitely become Miss Cranky Pants when sidelined.

As I said, it is improving and getting better. I do some gentle stretches even before I get out of bed, I wear a supportive stretchy thing under my sock while doing any sort of exercise. Still no flip-flops or heels, but I can wear my flats to client offices and meetings and am not completely tied to my various pairs of running shoes. Progress.

I went to the gym last night out of a sense of guilt and desire to work on upper body stuff, but it was jam packed! Seriously, everywhere I went there were crowds of people using the equipment. Every weight bench I saw had one, two, three people using it in rotation. The room where I typically work with J was fuller than I have ever seen it and there was no class in progress. I did some light cardio – treadmill did not hurt the lame foot – and left feeling anxious and overwhelmed. The neurotic introvert in me won that battle.

I am determined to try again tonight. If it’s still as crowded at 7 as it was last night, I will try switching over to early mornings or later nights tomorrow. Plus I do make my own schedule; I can go midday if that seems most compatible with the my nervous system, but the showering/changing burns time in my business day schedule. I guess there is no perfect solution.

In other news, our new bed is being delivered tomorrow. EEEK! I got the call last night and he wanted to deliver today, but we are so not ready. Our bedroom needs to be rearranged and our existing bed moved into the guestroom, the existing guestroom bed moved to someone else’s home. For tomorrow we’re just moving our existing bed into the living room and rearranging the furniture in there. M completely filled our recycling can with broken down shoeboxes he had been piling up in his corner of the room and our trash can is nearly full of trash from various boxes and bags he’d been hoarding storing since our move into this house 3+ years ago. On my side there is a pile of shoes for the donation box and several pairs to be put back into the closet, but that’s about it. M has all day to finish his side of the room and I must admit it’s looking so much better. Nothing like a short deadline to make us get busy and get stuff done.

The condensed timeframe (they told us it would be 4 to 6 weeks and it’s been barely 2) means we are scrambling to buy new sheets for the new bed. We are going from a king size bed to a split California king, so we will need 2 fitted twin XL sheets plus a California king top sheet. I suggested we proceed with a duvet cover instead of a top sheet for now and you would think I had asked M to consider we sleep naked in the front yard from the horrified look on his face; apparently he HAS to have a top sheet, and after this much time I should just know this. In my defense our not having sheets that fit has never before been an issue. It will work out.

I am very excited about the new bed, even if I thought I had more time to shop and acquire bed linens for it.

After three interviews and endless, obsessing over what each turn of phrase in the interviews, the email exchanges, the follow-up conversations with human resources, C (my daughter) finally received a formal employment offer from a downtown law firm. She blew up my phone with very excited texts this morning, so much so that she forgot to actually, formally accept the position.

The compensation was more generous than she expected, the benefits comparable to what she presently enjoys for about the same cost. She did not really understand the automatic enrollment in the 401K plan until I explained it to her, after which she was happy. Most important, though, was that it is a step toward a office/business career and away from veterinary medicine.

While I am losing my part-time, as-needed assistant, she is gaining a foothold into a stable, long-term environment. For now she will also be able to maintain her weekend work at the vet hospital, reducing her status to part-time relinquishing her benefits. I do not believe she can or will continue this 7 day work week schedule indefinitely, but for a few months through the end of the year it should be manageable. She is pursuing a few specific financial goals and the extra income will go toward that.

A busy week for us and our extended family thus far, but good things all around.

8 thoughts on “The week thus far

  1. I’ve had plantar fascitis for years and broke down and bought orthotics. Best thing I ever did where I am mostly pain free now so give it a shot!

      1. I got mine through Superfeet, but felt they were overpriced. No prescription is needed. I have also done well buying them at Dicks Sporting Goods on sale, and in a pinch, the drugstore will do. It helps to learn your arch first before buying them. Superfeet had arch tester and Dicks had one. I can only assume they still do. My arch happens to be very steep so I needed high ones. Only you will know you are wearing them and they make a world of difference. I would say I had about an 85% improvement in the condition. No need to pay a lot. I would research what’s available in your area.

      2. Thanks! I’d completely not considered that, and my son works in a running shoe store that happens to carry that brand. Right now I’m experimenting with a new pair of shoes – my last pair is well over 5 years old and likely just plain worn out – but I will stop in this weekend and chat with him about it.

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