I had my first major deliverable due yesterday and my presentation went without a single hiccup. Client is uber happy, I am glad to get this first major milestone put to bed, and my “fake it until I make it” self-confidence in my fledgling little business is starting to feel more real.

Our new bed was delivered yesterday and has its own set of ridiculously dramatic circumstances. The white glove delivery firm called me at nearly 9 p.m. Monday night and wanted to schedule delivery on Tuesday. Ummm … NO! I had just received the email late that afternoon that the bed had been delivered to the local facility and they (delivery service) would be calling me in 3 to 5 days to schedule delivery, not 3 to 5 hours. We needed to clean our room, move the furniture to accomodate the new bed, and move the old bed out of the way. With less than 24 hours notice, no way this was happening. He was supposed to call me Tuesday with our 4 hour window, but no communication was received. This morning at 10 I called customer service back east to talk about it, because I was annoyed and feeling inconvenienced and M was (rightfully) complaining about being tethered to the house all day with no idea whether or not we were even on the schedule – all valid concerns. True to their word, 5 minutes later the delivery service was calling and confirming a 1-5 window. They finally arrived at 3:30 and had the bed unpacked and set-up in less than 20 minutes.

The new bed … Oh My Goodness, it is beyond fabulous. It’s a fancy-smancy adjustable bed, but more than that, M’s side is firm, my side is medium, and he feels as if he finally has a firm-enough mattress. My medium side feels luxuriously fluffy and wonderful, and I slept wonderfully last night. In addition to all that, one of the fancy-smancy things is the massage feature. Yep, it’s a jiggler. I have barely used it, but M loves it already. Best of all, while we went from a king size bed to a split California king, our king size blankets and quilted bedspread fit perfectly on the new bed. Our only new linens expense thus far has been a set of matress protectors and fitted sheets – even the white flat king sheets we have worked perfectly.

The foot is much better. Of course, since I have been slacking and babying it all week, this is the week J directly inquires how the week is going while confirming our appointment. I was honest about my lack of working out and being terrified of hurting it again, to the point of eyeing stairs with suspicion of their malicious intent toward me. J being J said we would go over some work-arounds to give the food some additional rest. More about that in my weekly training post tomorrow.

We had some rain yesterday and again this morning. Not a whole lot, more like steady sprinkles for periods throughout the day, but the state is so parched any rain is welcome. It’s October 1 and feeling like fall, which is unusual. But welcome. I am tired of the heat and ready to switch to cooler weather wardrobes.

I am in search of a fast-and-furious type hot wheels car, for A’s fast-and-furious themed birthday party tomorrow night. Maybe Target? Toys R Us? Of course I did not think of this until yesterday, so this is another of those last-minute jaunts after work. Hopefully it will be quick and painless and I will find something appropriate. Fingers and toes crossed, especially since I have not watched any of the movies in the series.

G and K are jetting off to Portland this morning – so jealous! But we sent them with a long list of places we love up there, and hopefully they will get to enjoy some of our favorite places as well.

It has been a good week thus far. I am doing invoicing today and will be reviewing my first full month of financials. I have high hopes and expectations for good results.


One thought on “Good things

  1. You have had a really great month and it ends with a bed that jiggles on its own 🙂 Wish I could help with the fast and furious thing but I have never seen any of the movies either. I would guess toys R us to. Good Luck

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