I went to the gym this morning. A little later than I had planned, but I dragged myself out of the wonderful, WONDERFUL new bed, got my gym clothes on, ate my small something, and got myself down there by 9:30. Took me almost 90 minutes to do all 3 sets, but hey, I would rather go slowly and ensure I do it right. Plus I think it’s about how long it’s supposed to take.

In my mind and calendar I decided no matter what, I would do my workout – all 3 sets of it. The number of people, the noise they were making, whatever else was going on around me, I was determined to do this today. My neurotic social anxiety was not going to send me scurrying out of there without finishing everything on the list.

And I did it. There were a couple of close calls – another man was using some of the same machines as I was and there was momentary fluttery panic that I would get out of sorts – but he finished up and left and there was never any conflict. J was also in the gym today with another member, and mercifully there was just a little wave hello and he disappeared. But he did text me just now, inquiring how the workout went. I was happy to have a “yes I have done my homework!” type reply. Progress.

From there I came home and made plans with M for a trip to Ikea and to rearrange our bedroom space. Take about challenges. Any couple with tastes and ideas as different as M and I has a good idea of how our push-pull our conversations on decorating, rearranging furniture, purchase of linens and decorative accessories goes. Thankfully I was still very zen from the workout; no screaming and loss of patience and temper occurred, although by the time he finally left for his run my blood sugar had dropped and I was crashing and on the edge of becoming super cranky if he did not stop talking and let me get to the kitchen to eat.

Ikea will be interesting, because again – different tastes. We’re in search of a couple of specific, mobile pieces that can store our electronic gizmos and still be wheeled around out of the way when not in service. M is a guy and very visual, and my description of what I think will work were falling flat. Every single time we venture over there we spend hours looking at everything. Even though we are not in the market for living room furniture (and would be highly unlikely to purchase it there anyway), we look at it. We go through the kitchens (remodeling ours is on the longer range radar) and the bedrooms and everything else imaginable. Even the kids section is not out of reach; we have been known to repurpose things found there as well.

Today I am on a mission for a couple of small, specific pieces, and I have warned M that I am on a deadline. My goal is to decide if we’re going to decide, purchase it, bring it home and get it put together and into service. This includes moving a couple of existing dressers and figuring out what to do with a rather large collection of my shoes. Fall and M’s decluttering season are on the horizon, and I really cannot wait! With that comes more of my own reorganization and thinning of closets.

We also have work to do in the guest bedroom, moving the queen size bed that is in there now and replace it with our former king. M does not believe it will be THAT much more real estate consumed, but I have concerns about how much room will be available with the larger bed in there. This is one of those situations where we will not know until we get it set up in there, and I suspect M will be surprised by the end result and the need to move a couple of bookcases we have stored in there right now. But I keep reminding myself that fall and M’s decluttering season are coming; be patient. I am not naturally patient with these sorts of projects, especially since M is such a packrat.

It will be okay. We love each other; we are happily married. I will keep reminding myself of that when the urge to strangle him overwhelms me later today.

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