No, I am not searching for flesh-eating dead folk. Zombie shopping is when I lose my mind and online shop without advance planning or particular purpose and is usually directed a few select stores. This time it was Amazon, where I went to get M’s ginger chews (orange chimes – quite yummy if you like ginger) and somehow ended up with 12 bags of jelly belly cinnamon bears, my 2016 planner, a couple of Under Armor running shirts for M, and 3 pairs of socks. I have no idea why I got the socks.

With the exception of the cinnamon bears and socks, the rest of the stuff falls into the needs category. Except probably not right now. The new year is still a fe months away. The running shirts are definitely needed replacements for a few that are simply rags, but winter is coming an M will be switching over to long-sleeves and colder weather gear. But they were nice, and a decent price. I did not think, just clicked and spent.

The last couple of days have been crazy. Busy with work-related stuff yesterday and all day today, then got my hair trimmed and colored. I am back to sporting bangs again, after 2+ years of long hair all around. I like it better; it gives me a softer look when my hair is pulled back for the gym or just because I am lazy. Ridiculous amount of cash later and I am good for another 6 weeks. Thankfully I do not have a lot of other expensive grooming habits.

I was at the gym tonight working on my health and wellness project. May I just say young men can be incredibly rude? Not all of them, but there was a trio at the gym this evening that just annoyed the hell out of me.

I had been using a specific pair of handles on a cable weight machine, alternating between a leg press and rowing with this cable machine. While I was doing my leg presses, these young men took the handles for another set of cable machines. Okay, I thought, I shall go find another set somewhere. Except it was a busy night at the gym, and everywhere I looked these things were actively in use. So I wander back to my machine and see these men merely standing around the machine, not using the handles. I ask politely if I could use them for a short period – a single set to complete my routine – and was told no, they were using them right now. I shrugged it off and went to the next items on my list, but in the same area. I completed three sets of other exercises and never once did any of them touch those handles. In fact, as I was finishing up my final set and contemplating doing something else in another room, they walked away from the equipment without ever once touching those handles they had been using. Aggravating.

So I took them down and used them for my final set on the cable machine. As I was finishing up, they returned and went in search of the handles again, and seeing me using them, did not have the grace to look ashamed, merely sighed loudly and with impatience until I finished my exercises and abandoned them. Thankfully the did not say anything to me directly.

When I walked out of the gym 5 minutes later, they were still standing next to the equipment and not using either the machine or the handles. I think I have become a temporary magnet for piss poor behavior.

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