Feels like forever since I last posted, yet I know it’s only been a few days. Still, I am a creature of habit, and once my routine become less routine, I notice and feel the absence.

This week has been busy, hectic, crazy, as is usual for the beginning of the month and particularly at the end of a quarter. My clients – all of them – have been playing nicely together yet keeping me on my toes and on a relatively tight schedule. It is manageable, but there is not a lot of room for tantrums from my former full-time/now part-time job. Did the owners miss the memo? I have no time for tantrums! But there were meltdowns this week, unreasonable demands, solve-this-complicated-legal-issue NOW type demands. Was not going to happen if I were in the office all day, every day, so definitely not going to happen in my present part-time self. This is why there are attorneys to review contracts and language and interpret other lawsuits and outcomes.

I also acquired yet another client yesterday, a larger law firm to set-up and implement a new time and billing system. This is definitely a one-and-done project, but it’s the type of work I particularly and helps enormously with building my brand and a long list of satisfied clients.

So yeah, I have been a little busier than usual. More than that, though, I am absorbed in trying to complete the writing class I began a few weeks ago, and frankly it’s kicking my ass. The issue for me with writing classes is that it seems somehow removed from the actual day-to-day business of being in business. But I am persevering, slogging my way through with intent to qualify for the more meaty business-related writing and marketing courses. With my business just lifting up off the ground, I want to ensure I am maximizing my efforts to present myself well on paper as well as in person. I can do this. I may be completely exhausted and bored to death by the time it’s over (only another 5 weeks!) but it will be done.

Today was training, so I should have a update post on that project tomorrow.

Fall is definitely in the air around here, although it’s still high 80s and sunny much of the time. The trees are shedding rapidly into the pool and all over the concrete, so M has been very busy with the leave blower and the pool rake. We are both looking forward to the cooler weather when it gets here.

I am hopeful everyone else is having a great week.

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