Seems like very little truly going on in my world, yet time to catch up in the blog has been elusive. But here we are this Tuesday morning, and it is nice to be back.

I have a meeting with a diet coach this morning. This is a dietician my doctor recommends, and I am hopeful that he will be able to help me get a better handle on meal planning for success. The exercise and regular training with J is having positive effects. My thought is that perhaps consulting with a professional for my eating could be an equally successful partnership. The trick for me is finding the right person for that role. To date the dieticians I have consulted have not been especially helpful. My doc’s PA suggests this guy is different and I may like his meal planning approach.

Our intake session? He suggested I allot 2 hours for our first meeting. Wow.

So I am modestly encouraged by the idea. He also accepts my current insurance, so perhaps some of the cost will be covered for the next 2 months until my insurance changes to a very high deductible plan.

There could be a wedding next year, and I do not want to be this size mother of the bride. Especially when A’s mother is this size 4 (and that could be a genuine insult; she looks very tiny to me) woman and attractive and socially adept.

Saturday we had dinner with K and G and met K’s stepmother and her fiancé (long and complicated family relationships going on there, but all good). They are also very nice people. But dining with them makes me realize I am probably weird about money. If we need to eat at an inexpensive place because of budgetary concerns, so be it. For us it’s the company more than the food we are consuming. If we need to have separate checks, just say so up front. But please, do not cheap out and try to stiff the waiter on his tip. We ended up splitting majority of the check with G, and I left an extra generous tip to ensure the waiter got his full amount for exceptional service.

Other than that, it’s been work and writing for the class I’m taking. I am learning, but I will be happy when it is done.

Foot ailment is now a thing of the past, although I am still utilizing my security sock support sleeve on it. I have been working diligently each day the week’s “homework” exercises, because I am determined to do better this week. I did start a beginning yoga workshop last night at another studio, and it was both interesting and educational. I learned a lot about the technical aspects of the poses we were learning, and it’s nice to see good form demonstrated.

Hope everyone is having a great week.

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