Released from crowded elevator captivity after more than 3 hours, I promise to never again think a negative thought about screaming babies on planes or crying children in restaurants. After 3+ hours trapped with business folks clamoring for release to resume their Very Important Jobs, I will happily listen to poor infants who simply have no other way to communicate as opposed to having to listen to men and one woman raising their voices on their smart phones and snarling at the elevator speaker with demands that that situation be rectified immediately. Or else. I am still pondering what the “or else” consequence is that they promised.

For me, I was an amazingly zen about the situation. I did sacrifice my nice business dress for an uncomfortable seat on the floor to wait it out, and I was happy and relieved to get out and hit the ladies room once those doors opened. But I figured they were working as quickly as they could if only to shut those people up, and why get my panties in a bunch when there truly was nothing I could do to alter the situation? My day was shot and while frustrating, there are people being bombed and shot and starving in other places in the world. Being stuck in an elevator filled with assholes pumped up with their own self-importance was hugely annoying but not especially dangerous or anxiety-inducing. I text chatted on my phone and iPad. I wrote a blog post and read a novel via the kindle app. I had my headphones on and listened to music to drown out the bitching and complaining. I worried about the older gent who said little throughout the entire time yet looked tired and pale. I offered him my protein bar and some of the bottle of water I always have in my work bag. He declined both with a smile, said he did not want to test his plumbing further.

When I told M about it after my release (he was in the mountains running with limited cell service, not that there was anything he could do anyway), first he asked me if I had to go the bathroom, and second was anyone coughing or blowing their nose? He’s much more of a germ phobe than I am, because the question about illness did not cross my mind. Fortunately I had used the facilities on the 12th floor before boarding the elevator and everyone seemed in good health – no coughs, no sneezes, no runny noses in the bunch.

But more and more, I think taking the stairs in the future will be better for my health and give me greater peace of mind. Besides, I can definitely use the exercise.

Other than that, it’s been a pretty great Wednesday.

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