Thursday was number 11 of 18, maybe 19 personal training appointments. Funny, last week sure seems like much longer than a mere 7 days. J texted me the Wednesday reminder, which in itself was a huge relief and said all was well, but I did confirm with him that he was feeling better and over the respiratory bug. Before we got started yesterday we chatted briefly about last week, acknowledging the energy was off and more. I feel as if I have been slacking on my between Thursday practices and this was the week J chose to call me on it. Not in a bad way at all, but my recent challenges with the foot, then faltering with the basics I had down cold a few weeks ago had shaken my confidence and my motivation. It was time to take a step back to recover both.

So we returned to our roots and basics we have not visited in a couple of months. The review felt good, mostly very inspiring in basic expectations, because these are exercises I have already conquered and am better, more proficient at now. Only one instance of “that face” … you know, the one that says “I hate this, I do not feel confident or competent, and MUST we do it?” all rolled into one. Being called on “that face” means I need to adjust my attitude toward it and focus more effort on mastering it completely. As my coworker remarked today, the things we tend to hate are the movements we need the most.

The list this week:

  • Elevated arm glute bridges, regular (for warm up purposes) and single leg
  • Planks
  • Goblet squat
  • TRX row
  • Sumo deadlift with 45 lb. kettle bell
  • TRX pushups (recipient of “that face”)
  • Stretchy band downward press (for abs)
  • Stretchy band resist rotation press (for obliques)

With that we are back to collarbones up, shoulders down, shoulders back, tummy tight, glutes tight, etc., etc., etc. It felt really good to be back on familiar ground.

We also talked about the consistency of my practice between sessions. J specifically asked/told/wants me to do this entire workout at least twice in the gym between now and next Thursday. Put that way, my type A-/B+ personality engages and will make sure it happens. Left to my own devices with vague “suggested” guidelines, I am likely as not to do the workouts at home and/or to do a less than stellar job completing all the suggested exercises. Every single day I tend to something, but J clearly stated in addition to being in the club doing today’s routine, he would like me to do at least two (preferably three) sets and to choose one of the other workouts we have done on at least one of the other days.

My mind and motivation in this area is perplexing. If I were told J got bonus points for his training clients to be at the gym working out for X amount of time, I would most definitely put forth extra effort to make it happen. However, when it’s just me and my personal goals, it’s way too easy to be less enthusiastic about doing the work and getting quality workouts completed.

So new goal for me, for just this week – in the club daily, three days to do yesterday’s routine, one day of one of the other routines J created for me, and the rest of the time pursuing cardio time. I can do it; just put it on my schedule, shake off my lazy and get it done. Apologies in advance if this turns into an extra heavy (read: boring) exercise reporting week on the blog.

On my goals update:

  1. Weight – Drop 20 lbs. FAIL THIS WEEK
    Week 10 finds me up 3 pounds since my last report. I ate CRAP all week. CRAP! (See above references to lackadaisical attitude toward health and fitness.) However, today I began taking the reins of lower carb, higher protein eating. I have a 7 day meal plan written down and meals/snacks packed and ready for deployment. Will it help? I hope so. But the adjustment seems so stressful right now.
  2. Strength training – 3 times per week on my ownFAIL-ISH
    Since my prior training session (10/8), I have not set food in the gym until today. Friday night, Saturday, Sunday I did at least one set of last week’s workout at home and tried valiantly to get my lunge mojo back. Total bust. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I worked very hard at work and ignored exercise and healthy eating completely (see above reference to eating crap). Totally ignored both as if they did not exist in my life. I was a excuse manufacturing plant and completely own it.
  3. Stretching/Flexibility – 3 to 4 yoga practices per week. ON TRACK
    I was in the Bikram studio Tuesday night and attending a beginning yoga workshop Monday and Wednesday night, so technically 3 practices this week, even if the workshop was probably 70% lecture and only 30% practice. I have found that breaking down exercises and postures for me makes it easier and more effective for me to learn, so this yoga workshop has been a lot of fun as well as educational. The postures are different than Bikram. The vibe of the new studio feels so much more inclulsive and inviting, community-creating is what they are going for and succeeding with. My Bikram contract will be terminating in a couple of months and I am unlikely to renew. I am not yet sure about the new studio, but I may take advantage of the 30 days for $30 new student special to experience real classes and seeing how that feels to me.
  4. Cardio/HIIT – 3 days per weekFAILING
    Zero effort into this, but I rowed 5 days, so that is something.
  5. Post updates each weekON TRACK
    Here we are – update from session 11 of 18 or 19 – what the site indicates as outstanding balance and my count are two different things. This is the one goal I have been consistently successful with each week, so that’s something. Not a very progressive or successful week, but these things happen. I will keep trying.

My emotional/mental state was better this week, although my focus has been rather scattered. I had a lot of work to do this week and through the end of the year, but my little business is perking along at its own erratically steady pace.

And with that, I am off to start my day. Happy Friday!

3 thoughts on “Fall Fitness 2015 #11 – Back to basics reboot

  1. So I like the sound of the new yoga studio – that is exactly the kind of instruction/atmosphere that makes me stay motivated. On the exercise – ask J if it is OK if you just send him your exercise results each day. He can ignore/whatever. But you need an accountability partner – someone you report to. It will help. I do this with my trainer when I am traveling and knowing that I have to send that email gets me to the gym more times than I would like to admit. (or we could send to each other!).

    On the food. It isn’t all or nothing Because breakfast was bad – day is shot. Each time you eat try to stick to the guidelines. If you don’t – try again the next time you eat. If you do – try again the next time you eat. Not the next day – but the next time you go to put food in your mouth.

    BTW – reconcile your count with J on the number of sessions left. Keep thinking about whether it makes sense to see J 2x a week to get back on track. I admit I find it much easier to keep a scheduled appointment with someone else than with just myself. Or would he split the 2nd hour in a week in 2 – so you met him 3x a week – 2x @ 30 minutes each to get you started plus your usual full session? Something that makes the appointment more real for you.

    Anyway – I totally understand your struggle and am cheering you on – good weeks and so-so weeks.

    1. Thanks, SAK! Funny you mention about the accountability – my gym just sent out a marketing email offering a special if you sign up or extend your PT to 3x per week between now and the end of the year. I texted J about that, because I think it would be just what I need to get myself back into sync. This reboot – I see it for what it is, a baseline workout as we build and add new things – but as work picks up and priorities shift it is so easy to simply blow off going to the gym. I’m getting ready to go right now and get my day/weekend off to a positive start. Hope you’re enjoying your vacation and looking forward to having you back in sync with timezones. 🙂

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