I’ve been busy with various things the last several days, most notably doing time at the gym every morning and yoga classes. It has actually been very refreshing. Going to the gym early in the morning (I shoot to arrive by 5:45 a.m. and be on my way out by 7:20 a.m.) makes a huge difference in my entire attitude about it. Going in the evenings, I would always have a piss-poor attitude about it and that begrudging willingness carried over into the actual exercise time. The people and other annoyances were then magnified to major issues and roadblocks to my progress. At 6 a.m., there are actually very few souls wandering around using the machines or in the group exercise room where I do my training. There is a body fit class in there from 5 to 6 on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but after that, and on Tuesdays, I have the whole space basically to myself. Heaven. Plus I am much more open to exercising first thing, versus after working and thinking and solving problems all day.

My yoga workshop was last night, but I also went to a couple of Bikram classes over the weekend. It’s been good, but the practice does consume a lot of personal resources in time and energy. I am on the fence about how much or even if I will/should continue with  this practice. The results-oriented aspect of my personality questions whether I am making adequate progress to continue the time investment, and to be perfectly frank I’m not finding that much mental benefit lately. Could be a phase; I have been busy with work and meal planning and the like. I plan to finish the workshop and then decide. I do have a couple more months of Bikram so there is no need to rush into a decision.

May I just vent and say again how much I truly loathe meal planning? M does the bulk of the cooking, but our eating habits and overall diets are different. I did try high protein/low carb and it sort of ended badly … fainting on Saturday after my workout. Thankfully I was at home with M and landed on the couch, but still … crazy. I am back to eating more proportional carbs balance, but definitely with a greater emphasis on protein. Another benefit of morning workouts? The protein shakes afterward are yummy. They give me nightmares and make sleeping restfully difficult if I have them at night, so it’s strictly a before-noon type drink.

But the meal planning … *sigh* … I am a meal planning failure. I have gone back to sort of winging it, eating salad and chicken and a smaller portion carby substances for dinner. Breakfast and lunch are always the same thing – oatmeal or cereal and a piece of fruit, sandwich and/or salad and another piece of fruit – but dinner is a continual mystery. No more fainting, though, and my blood sugar is back to rock steady with lower dosages of insulin. Progress.

Work is work – steadily busy. Which is great. I did have a really rough day yesterday with my former full-time job, in that everyone I spoke to before 9 a.m. was either in tears or angry with me by the time I arrived in the office. The assistant (tears) called me on my way into the office and took my off-the-cuff directions and comments on the particular job she was asking about far too personally (she said I used my “I plan to fire you if you do not shape up” tone with her; funny, I honestly do not believe I have one of those tones). The angry is a recurring issue with restrained mysogenist senior technician and educationally insecure manager getting upset because I “blew off their request without receiving a complete explanation” in a phone call, again while I was at home getting dressed to come into the office. Perhaps it was a fair assessment from their perspective, but in reality there is no way the firm should be investing tens of thousands of dollars on equipment that is not directly billable immediately and will take more than 10 years to pay for itself. Especially when the same equipment can be rented locally for a reasonable and billable fee.

I do hate drama in the work place, especially when it is unfairly centered on me based on a couple of hurried phone calls.

So yeah, my blog silence has not been completely peaceful, but there is little of note going on right now.

Except M wants to build an airplane. That’s big news daily in our home. He is searching for a program to receive his pilot license and is now considering becoming an A&P mechanic (so he can expand his aviation knowledge to aid in the building of said airplane). I am fully supportive of the pilot license and will likely be supportive of the A&P mechanic program and airplane building. Mostly I just remind him that there are A LOT of other home-based projects that must be completed as well, preferably before he becomes OCD about plane building. But if the perfect kit comes along, it seems likely the next big hobby thing will be building a small aircraft in the backyard. IF that happens, I expect to hear not a single word of complaint when I hire out jobs on his honey-do list and charge it against his hobby funds. Or so I threaten.

And that’s our week thus far summed up in a few paragraphs.

2 thoughts on “Peaceful silence

    1. Frankly, it IS a lot of work! Especially for someone who does not naturally enjoy exercise, movement, sweating. Thanks for stopping by and for the comment.

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