Thursday was number 12 of 18 (definitely 18 – clarified with the Fitness Manager) personal training appointments. This was the second week of returning to our roots and basics we have not visited in a couple of months. Next week J suggested we review any thing from these two routines I want to clarify or have extra help with, because come November, we are taking the first steps up and away from foundation workouts into what he refers to as “becoming a bad ass.” It makes me laugh to imagine me, a badass in the gym. But hey, it could happen.

The list this week:

  • Mini band glute bridge
  • Deadbug
  • Dumbbell reverse lunge
  • Tall kneeling lat pulldown
  • Dumbbell Romanian deadlift
  • 1-arm seated overhead press
  • Band biceps curl
  • Band triceps pressdown

These are familiar routines, only the overhead press is new. The session was very companionable and smooth, even the reverse lunges proceeded pretty well, and I went away from it feeling good and confident about the week ahead. Until this morning, when I had trouble with the reverse lunges, but I suspect it will get better as the week ahead progresses. Practice, practice, practice.

On my goals update:

  1. Weight – Drop 20 lbs. ON TRACK
    Week 10 finds me down 4 pounds since my last report. I ate much better this week, including protein shakes after each workout and sticking to my dinner meal plans.
  2. Strength training – 3 times per week on my own. ON TRACK
    Since my prior training session (10/15), I have reversed my gym visit scheduling to early mornings and, counting today, have been at the gym and practicing my routines for 7 straight days. Frankly, it feels fabulous to begin my days in this manner. While it sucks to get up so early (5, then 4:45, now 4:30) to get to the gym with enough time to warm-up and finish 3 sets of this week’s routine, I end up feeling relaxed, energetic, and overall warm/fuzzy/BALANCED throughout my day. Plus I sleep better at night, because I am pleasantly fatigued and not feeling any guilt about not exercising or stressing that I did not put enough effort into the exercise I did pursue.
  3. Stretching/Flexibility – 3 to 4 yoga practices per week. ON TRACK
    I was in the Bikram studio Tuesday and Thursday nights and attended a beginning yoga workshop Monday and Wednesday nights, so technically 4 practices this week, The workshop was interesting and taught me a lot, and this week it was probably 40% lecture and 60% practice. I am still not sure about the new studio or if I will continue pursuing the yoga practice after my Bikram membership ends. For the purposes of this goal, though, I will continue to try and get to the studio a few times per week.
  4. Cardio/HIIT – 3 days per weekFAILING
    Zero effort into this again, yet I am stubbornly unwilling to completely abandon it. However, I am thinking about my rowing and incorporating some glute bridges and planks into a circuit-like training with the rowing. I really want to extend my plank time to 3 reps of 60 seconds for 3 sets, so I could incorporate that in with the rowing. Is that actually HIIT? Probably not. But it might make me feel better about the goal to do something other than row, row, row for 30 minutes every day. It’s good for me, I know, yet it has become so routine I wonder if it is that good for me or if my body has completely adapted.
  5. Post updates each weekON TRACK
    Here we are – update from session 12 of 18. I am pleased with the week that was and very happy with my getting up when feeling down and trying something else, something new to achieve a better outcome.

I am now two-thirds the way through this process toward my personal training session goal. To be completely honest, I never thought I would make it this far. In other times and prior efforts I gave up long before this point, and it is not-so-secretly amazing that I am still here, this many weeks later and very much engaged in the process. Part of it is being matched with a trainer whose style of teaching/training is a good fit with the way I learn. The same is true in yoga, although it is more about the return on investment with time and progression.

One of my real-life friends asked me what M thinks about all the time I spend at the gym and yoga studio. I replied that M really doesn’t care, which is actually grossly inaccurate. M cares very much, so much so that he encourages me to work out every single day to improve my overall health. Of course, he is a bit OCD about his own fitness, and I think in the last several (6 or 7 – maybe more) years he has missed one day of daily running. But he also sees that my blood sugar is in better control, so much so that my endocrinologist has directed me to reduce the amount of insulin I am taking after one fainting event and a couple of low events. M also notes that my energy level is higher and I am in a better mood throughout the workday.

While I recognize that this journey is a long one and my end-game goals are a long way away, my focus is on the here and now, healthier eating today, exercising today, and trusting that the weight will drop off and my body will reshape from those efforts. Thinking about it too much, wishing to be finished has become detrimental for my overall effort. I am finally accepting that exercise is going to have to be part of my life for the balance of my days, and I am starting to truly believe that I can and will be good at it, even if I do not particularly love it.

And with that, I am off to get back to my workday. Happy Friday everyone!

2 thoughts on “Fall Fitness 2015 #12 – Back to basics reboot, part 2

  1. Great week and I can’t wait until J moves you on to becoming a bad ass at the gym. The thing I like best about training at the gym with D is I get to use the “boys” machines that use free weights and not stacks. It makes me feel stronger even if I am not really as strong as the guys. I suggest sticking to some form of yoga – keep trying places if necessary. The flexibility and strength you get from that will really help you progress on the strength training and help you get deeper on squats and lunges.
    You are right you know – this is forever. Don’t have to love the exercise just the results and that should help you stay motivated.
    Btw – I am impressed with your morning routine. I get up at 4:30am because my clients are 3 hours ahead on the east coast. I have never enjoyed working out in the morning – I am slow and stiff and think about what I should be doing. For me afternoon works because I can work off the tension of the day. But we are all different and it is great that is working for you!
    Home from vacation now but jet lagged! So I will be commenting more. 😊

    1. Glad you’re back safely even though I knew the jet lag would be killer.
      I hear ya on the yoga – I go back and forth on the issue and right now think I will stick with the Bikram, because it’s what I know and is the same poses every practice, and I will likely downgrade to just a couple of practices per week. Or so goes my thinking today. Tomorrow could be something else entirely.
      I hear ya on the all different, but for me, working out by myself the other 6 days, I like the solitude of the early morning. The M/W/F body fit class apparently meets upstairs, so I can have the group fitness room mostly to myself most days. M/W J trains with another client at 6:15, but I have headphones in and can block everyone else from my attention and focus. Saturdays there is a class at 9, so I have to get there by 7:30, so those are my primary motivators. I’m now getting into the groove and feeling good about it.

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