J remarked this morning that if reverse lunges are “the bane of my existence,” I have a pretty darn good existence. And he’s right – I am uniquely and richly blessed in all aspects of my life and have zero reason for complaint.

Today M is enroute to look at and potentially purchase an genuine kit airplane. It is not a complete kit; it is maybe two-thirds of all pieces and parts necessary to create a functional, flying airplane housing, motor and electrical gizmos not likely included. But after talking about to me, many of his aviation building buddies online and on the phone, he is extraordinarily excited about the opportunity and driving 200 miles in our big truck to see it, and as I said, possibly buy it. For $550.

The money is far from pocket change for us, and I am sure several of the honey-do list items will be getting done by paid professionals, thus costing us more money for labor than if M just did the work himself. And I am okay with that. Because getting his pilot’s license and owning his own aircraft are lifelong dreams for M, and I am supportive of his pursuits in this area. The frugalistas in our life will be judgmental and disapproving of such an outlay of cold, hard cash. After all, M does not yet have his pilot license and has never before attempted to build an airplane. I smile and change the subject. If they are really pushy about it, I say this is really none of your business. On one memorable occasion I tried both tactics before suggesting they go f–k themselves and left the business where we were having coffee.

Because money is meaningless if hoarded only for some future need. We spend some, we save a lot. We budget. And we each pursue our individual dreams within the realm of affordability for us. Right now, learning new skills while building a functional aircraft is where M’s passion and attention are focused, and I support him in these endeavors even if it means we have a pile of my trash/his treasure sitting around in-process for several years.

We have lots of stuff, and now it seems we are acquiring even more. Because this is not just a single purchase. Into the future there will be other equipment, other tools, other hobby needs that much be sought out and acquired. I anticipate the workshop shed we have been contemplating will come to fruition next year, along with more concrete and outdoor lighting. Deck building may become a task for our contractor, something I desire anyway. It’s not that I feel M lacks the skill to do the work, but it seems like a larger job that requires more than one skilled set of hands. Deck building is not a skill I want to acquire right now, so I would much rather hire a laborer to help M or our contractor and his helpers to build it for us.

Getting rid of stuff is on my mind, though, especially in our tiny kitchen. An extra popcorn popper and Vitamix are on their way out the door this weekend to new homes, given to other friends who will put them to work. A queen size bed is being picked up on Sunday along with several sets of sheets and a couple of quilted bedspreads. These are things we could likely sell for a few dollars, but we know others who want/need them and will definitely appreciate receiving them. For us, that’s enough. While we can always use a few more dollars, right now we can feel and enjoy the good karma that comes with sharing out wealth more.

It may not always be this way, there may be a point in the future where we really need the few extra dollars. But right now, ours is a good existence. We can share what we have with not expectation of anything more than a simple “thank you.”

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