I chatted with my endocrinologist last Friday about recent blood sugar events. As a diabetic, part of my mission in life is to control my blood sugar. In truth I’ve been horrible at it for a number of years, with an uneven high pattern with fleeting periods of normal and good control. Last I checked (August) my A1c was on the way down, a trend I hoped would continue along with my gym training and (hopefully) better eating habits. But in the last two weeks, my daily testing has been showing a pattern of excellent readings the four or five times daily I tend to test and a crash (below 60) either overnight or in the afternoons, including one incident of fainting. All this has been in addition to my self-directed reduction in daily insulin amounts injected.

So after emailing my two weeks of results to him and describing how I have reduced my insulin (by half the dosage we agreed upon in August), he reviewed my readings then called and told me to reduce it by HALF yet again. For perspective, I was injecting about 60 units of insulin as of August. As of today, I am down to 15 units per day, and depending on my A1c results next month, the possibility exists that he may remove the daily fast insulin completely.

This is HUGE for me. I called M nearly screaming with excitement, and he agrees it’s an amazing step forward toward good control. While I have lost some weight, it does not seem like enough to make this big of a difference. Honestly, I have made small changes in my diet (fewer carbs, more protein), definitely picked up my gym time, and I think the strength training is having an impact on my overall sugar control. For a long time I have been pretty consistent in my cardio (about 30 minutes daily) and have lately been very consistent in my strength training (about 75 minutes daily), plus yoga a couple of times per week and still some rowing.

Small changes can lead to big, HAPPY results!

I would still like to drop lots of pounds. But my clothes all fit differently – some looser, some just better than before – and M says he can feel that I am firming my jiggly bits by looking at my improving muscle tone. I have been waffling about whether or not I am ready to go down a size on my workout capris, because while the size down fits really well, I am just not sure I am ready to admit I can comfortably wear them. I have likely unhealthy anxiety about backsliding.

But now I have new incentive and motivation to keep it up, keep pushing forward and dragging my butt from bed at 4:30 and get to the gym. I have super renewed hope and resolve to keep working at it and trying.

3 thoughts on “Health news

  1. Wow!!! That is such fantastic news – I am so so so so happy for you! Focus on the sizes not the weight and go down to the smaller workout pants – it will motivate you too! I can’t tell you how big the grin on my face is – but I am the happiest person at the airport I think!!!! Great job my friend!🎉😄🎉👏👍

    1. Thank you! My excited shrieking over the phone had M holding the phone away from his ear. We were both stunned, because he’s kind of a conservative doc. After the fainting incident a couple of weeks ago and now the daily crashes (49, 53, 51, 56, etc.) he felt like I was way over medicating and cut it back. I’m still to use the scale if it starts creeping up, but hopefully it will continue on its present trend.
      We were at REI Saturday for an additional pair of workout shoes, and on a whim I bought 2 new gym tops, both in a size smaller. Getting home and trying them on was my big moment that I’m trimmer, because I thought I was at least a few weeks away from comfortably fitting in them. Happy dancing ensued. 🙂
      Safe travels, dear friend!

  2. Those low numbers were my life until I was diagnosed with diabetes. I had reactive hypoglycemia. Now, I am trying lower the numbers to get my blood sugar under control. I am not on insulin. There is nothing I can do that I know of to exercise. Curling soup cans is about it for me. I know the thrill of wearing a smaller size as I was trying to lose weight just before my diagnosis. I was ecstatic when I wore two sizes smaller with a weight loss of 25 lbs, all without exercise.


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