While there are lots of really terrific reasons and results from regular workouts, the one downside is the sweat head. When you have longish/longer hair that curls (like mine!) and takes a while to dry and style after shampooing (like mine!), sweat head becomes a consideration.

I typically wash my hair every other day, in the evenings, so I have time to blow it dry, flat iron it ruthlessly into smoothness, and then go to bed. Working out in the mornings, sweat head. Every. Single. Morning. I have to shower and blow dry my mostly dry hair, and then flat iron all over again to smooth the fly-aways and catch those bendy curls popping up all over the place from the sweat humidity. Since I went back to bangs a month ago as well, there is a daily battle with hairdryer/flat iron versus bangs so I do not walk out the door sporting a forehead curl. So unflattering.

Several people have suggested I try dry shampoo for that third day, so I checked reviews online and then marched into Ulta this afternoon in search of one of the top rated sprays. I walked out with a can of Batiste Dry Shampoo, which has good reviews and the Ulta clerk assisting me says is their top seller. I have reservations about it, imaging something akin to putting talcum powder in my hair and my black hair appearing as if I am wearing a powdered gray wig or speckled with very awful dandruff. However, I am determined to find something that will let me walk out of the gym looking normal and without fear of clean body, stinky hair syndrome. M would tell me if that were the case, and he swears my hair does not stink or appear greasy after a couple of to few days of sweat head. He says I am far more worried about it than necessary, because in reality, my hair looks fine, beautiful.

I remain unconvinced. I am a terrible wife who does not trust her husband’s “you look beautiful” statements and instead sees a man trying to placate his wife to ease her obsessing over her hair. But in my mind M’s opinions on beauty and fashion are suspect in general; again, our tastes are very different.

But who knows – depending on how things go with this dry shampoo, I may have to accept that sweat head is all inside my head. I’ll let you know after I try this tomorrow.

For a woman who professes to be without a lot of vanity, I sure seem to be spending an inordinate amount of time worrying about my hair lately.

7 thoughts on “Hair fitness

  1. I worry about my hair because it is fine, straight, and thinning as I get older. You may not like the curls, but I don’t like the limp, head-clinging look. If a curl sprung up, I would do a happy dance. Ulta just came to town, so I will be waiting to hear.

  2. I workout daily and have begun using dry shampoo in the last year. My favorite is called simply dry by AG hair care. I purchase it from my hair salon, but it is available on Amazon. I like it because it is a muted white and dissolves quicker into my hair color(blonde). In a pinch, I run to TJMaxx and get the Batiste brand and it definitely is a thicker powder and doesn’t smell as good as the AG brand. My friend has dark hair too and I was thrilled to find that Batiste has a dry shampoo for dark hair- the powder is tinted dark. Hopefully, you can find that option locally.

    1. Thanks, A! I haven’t tried it yet – probably tomorrow or Friday, but I wrote down this name/brand for future experiments. They were out of the Batiste dark hair version yesterday, so I went with the original. Fingers crossed for good results.

  3. Batiste dry shampoo is amazing! I work in the beauty business and (I’m slightly ashamed to say this) I only wash my hair once a week. I often have sweaty head and just use my dry shampoo and continue on with my week. My hair never looks greasy or oily. If you really want your hair to look fresh, spray dry shampoo in it and use a round brush to blow dry it again. It will like freshly washed hair. Enjoy your Batiste! And if you get it too close and your hair turns white, just wait a few minutes and brush it out. Works like a charm!

    1. Lesli, thanks for your advice on this! Tomorrow is my test-drive day and I have fingers crossed hoping for a good result. I’d love to extend my hair washing to the one night per week and one day on the weekend, so I have high hopes for the Batiste.

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