As of last night, both my daughter and my son are engaged to their respective partners. It is a happy time in our household and family.

With G and K, I expect there will not be an extended engagement and that the wedding will happen in the spring sometime. K is very organized that way, has ideas and vision about what she wants, and she has ideas and is ready to plan and execute a wedding. The only sticking point I see is that K would be more sensitive to C’s feelings, seeing as she and A have been engaged for almost 2 years and have yet to set a date. In truth C is like the rest of us – over the moon with joy – and encourages them to plan their wedding on their own timeline and not worry about it. I imagine C and A just going to the courthouse and getting married sometime, and we are¬†perfectly okay with that. Waiting for whatever obstacles are in their pathway (home purchase) to clear is fine as well. They are adults leading independent lives, so if they are happy I am happy. The being married part is not the stumbling block for them; it’s the wedding event, expense, and 3-ring circus aspect of it that has C dragging her feet.

So it is a very happy Halloween in our household. Hopefully in yours as well, no matter what your plans for the day and the weekend ahead.

2 thoughts on “Engaged!

  1. I am thrilled for all of you!!! All in all I would say its been a good year and good things coming for 2016

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