Being self-employed for me does not mean an weekday 8 to 5 work schedule. For me it’s more like 9 to 9 during the week and at least a few hours on the weekend. Since M is essentially retired and around the house, my odd working hours do not really impact us and our time to do things together. If anything, I wish M would go out and do his domestic engineering tasks on his own. Seriously, I cannot imaging me ever having a strong ideas or opinions about air compressors or pressure washers, two recent purchases he felt compelled to wait for me to be available to accompany him on the final decision/purchase shopping trip.

The daily exercise has been starting to wear, though, so much so that while I was at the gym today, I sort of coasted and did only one set of this week’s routine. Usually I am all gung-ho on weekends, striving to complete three sets. The mental focus has been in disarray since Friday, and I recognize the signs of my own weakening resolve and the impetus toward self-sabotage. I decided a min-break was in order, hence the slacking and only one set today and choosing to not step-up and start working on work-work once home. Instead I am going to read and binge watch some TV that has been stacking up in our Hulu queue. There is shopping to be done – the pantry is far from bare but produce, eggs, milk, meat require replenishment. ANYTHING to keep me away from all that leftover Halloween candy; it leaves tomorrow morning for a couple of offices where I will be working.

It feels kind of good to give my brain and my body a respite. I get into go mode and forget what it’s like to just veg out with a beach book or watching new fall TV episodes. M is puttering around outside in the rain – a welcome change from the endless sun and droning drought messages – and all three cats are snoozing on the deck and away from the weather. All is well in our little world.

4 thoughts on “A day of rest

  1. Its good to give it a rest. I am the kind of person, when I am feeling well, could easily want to take a long walk, do a zumba class followed by a step class! This would only lead me to a nonfunctioning body for a week! Hell maybe longer as i am way older now. And much wiser. I have to pace myself to make the motivation last! Pace! Xoxo

    1. Pace is difficult to find that balance. I have been going to the gym daily for just over 2 weeks and actually feel better each and every day. Taking a little break by doing a shorter set of exercises helped enormously, and I’m hoping to make that a weekly thing – just doing one set on my “rest” day just to keep up my constancy.

  2. Good for you! I’m a fan of day of rest and that doesn’t mean do nothing – just less. Short cardio or sun salutation at home. Hope it let you start the week strong!

    1. I’m learning – slowly, for sure, but I’m getting there. It’s turning into a weird week for me. Yesterday was normal early a.m. gym time, today I met with J for an emergency talk-me-off-the-edge session, tomorrow is back to normal early, Thursday is my regular J time. By Friday it should feel more normal once more. But I think I am going to go light on Sundays going forward.

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