Today I had follow-up with my endocrinologist about my latest lab work, and it was a super happy day. I’d already seen my results – the lab lets me know as soon as they are available – but I was excited and eager to know what the doctor would say.

He was delighted and impressed! I went from an A1c (3 months average blood sugar) of 11.4 in May to 9.2 in August to 6.1 at the end of October. To put this into context, normal is generally considered > 5.7, although both my regular doctor and my endocrinologist say they are estastic when their patients get to 6.

My sessions with J and the consistent exercise is finally showing genuine results. He had reduced the amount of insulin I am injecting a few months ago, but today he decided to take me off of it completely. As he stated it, he believes I can maintain this level of good results with my ongoing diet and exercise efforts, and he’s willing to let me give it a try for the next 3 months. We can review and evaluate the situation in February at my next appointment.

I burst into tears when he said that. Seriously, I never thought it would get the point where he would completely remove that from my daily medication cocktail. I still have to test before meals and before bed, but I think taking this medication out of the equation should eliminate the majority of my low blood sugar events.

What I have learned in the last 3 months of training and daily exercise is that this is not a short-term solution to resolve a chronic health condition. Going forward, exercise has to be incorporated so it is common and as natural as brushing my teeth, even if I don’t love it. I don’t especially love brushing my teeth either, but it’s far better than root canals or extractions.

Next is healthier eating. Stress eating, celebratory eating, boredom eating, sugar-carb-junk-craving eating – I have been guilty of all those things and probably more. I have done some work in this area, but it has not been a consistent effort like what I have put forth with the training and the exercise. Part of me thinks this is a battle to be waged after the holidays, but the realistic, practical rest of me knows there is no time like the present. The longer I delay, the more difficult it becomes. So I will be getting meal plans together and restarting MyFitnessPal food diarying. I hate doing it, but long-term success is going to mean getting over my aversion to it. Suck it up, Buttercup, and just do it.

Still, it’s a super happy day for me. I am still diabetic, but I am a well-controlled diabetic … and now one who is well-controlled without injecting insulin 3 times daily.

5 thoughts on “Like brushing my teeth

  1. 11.4 to 6.1 from May to October?!?! You are a freaking rockstar my friend. That is incredible! So so so impressive. The holidays are a great time to be implementing this. Because as you say this has to be day to day forever now. Might as well get used to the big pressure situation right up front – January will be easy peasy! 😉 And you can start some new holiday traditions – around healthier food, walks/hikes before and after dinner. Whatever you want. Because the results are so worth it! You can see that now. I’m in total awe of you and your A1C. Now I am motivated even more to get mine down and be just like you!!! 🙂 Awesome awesome awesome. You must be or should be on cloud 9. Big hug to you!!!!

    1. I was shocked myself! I had fingers and toes crossed for at best 7, but to see that 6 in black and white was fantastic. There’s still a lot of work yet to do with nutrition. Without the insulin “crutch” I’m going to have to be extra diligent about carb counting and getting adequate amounts of protein. I am not so worried about the big holiday meals – we already have our menu planned for that – but the sugar everywhere I turn between now and the new year. Plus there are holiday parties coming up. Ugh. Like everyone else I know, I have a love/hate relationship with the season.

    1. Thanks, OneFamily! It’s hard, still hard, but I believe it is so worth it in the end. I remind myself of during the week when my alarm goes off at 4:30 so I can get up and off to the gym.

  2. Just remember you can keep doing this! I have given up my beloved donut and soda for you, ok and for me, but its easier when friends stick together its better. If you can do it I can do it!! I am so proud of you and I mean it. YOU totally kicked ass!

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