Confession: Thursday was actually number 15 of 18 personal training appointments, because I booked a bonus session with J on Tuesday to help settle my head. After some discussion, we have agreed on a twice weekly training schedule, commencing on Monday. For the purposes of summarizing my progress and activities on the blog, I’ll combine the 2 sessions into one report.

J’s laptop died before he could update my cheat sheet, so I’m guessing on the name of oa few of these exercises. The list this week:

  • Glute bridges with mini bands
  • Clamshells with mini band
  • Bicycle-like ab exercise with mini band around the feet for resistance
  • Step ups into reverse lunges with the tiny kettle bell
  • Lat pull downs via cable machine step-down sets
  • Romanian deadlift with 25 lb. dumbells
  • TRX 1-leg hinge
  • Resistance band bicep curl
  • Resistance band triceps press

Balance is an interesting thing. J was teaching me something about the lat pulldown and I was just standing there, trying to follow along what he was saying about raising my arms. Then I leaned ever so slightly to hear him better and nearly fell over. Ugh. This during the week where we start working more on balance-based movements.

The step-ups to reverse lunges are my new nemisis – step up onto the box, then step down and into a reverse lunge, lather, rinse, repeat 6 to 8 times per set. Except reverse lunges are a challenge for me on their own – gracefully staying upright seems to be elusive – and it’s 10 times worse stepping up and down. J added the smallest kettle bell to help with balance, and for the most part is has been helpful. It’s technical. It’s challenging. It’s going to one of my new obsessions until I conquer it.

The other thing – the one-leg TRX hinge – may be my undoing. I think of it as trying to emulate a flamingo, and even with the straps for balance, I am still tipping forward or sideways as I stand on one foot (other leg bent at the knee) gripping the TRX straps while simultaneously hinging forward and elevating bent-knee leg. It’s really difficult and reminds me of the Bikram yoga balancing positions. I even have straps to hold onto! I can do this, but need to accept it’s going to take time and practice. It has not gone all that well. But I am determined to do master this.

On my goals update:

  1. Weight – Drop 20 lbs. KINDA/SORTA ON TRACK
    Week 14 finds me up 2 pounds since my last report. Halloween and good news this week were probably my undoing as far as meal plans. I must do better.
  2. Strength training – 3 times per week on my own. ON TRACK
    Since my prior training session (10/29), I have continued with my early morning gym visits and was at the gym and practicing my routines for another 7 straight days.
  3. Stretching/Flexibility – 3 to 4 yoga practices per week. FAIL THIS WEEK
    I am faltering on the yoga, with no practice this week. Again, the good news, extra J training, work, and I think my head and heart were just not into it.
  4. Cardio/HIIT – 3 days per weekFAILING
    I rowed twice this week, so that’s something. I am about to call this a wash and write it off, but will probably drag it out another 4 weeks of inactivity.
  5. Post updates each weekON TRACK
    Here we are – update from session 14 of 18. Things are going really well, and my number one goal – getting off the insulin – has been achieved. But I cannot rest on that and will continue my daily exercise.

I feel as if I have finally gained some control over the exercise component, so I must make some progress somehow on the exercise aspect of it. I try to meal plan and generally falter. Breakfasts are pretty simple and the same thing day after day – a serving of cheerios and skim milk before going to the gym, a protein shake afterwards. Lunch has been a turkey and cheese sandwich nearly every work day, but there has been too much snacking on crap between meals. Dinner is hit or miss, but typically is salad with beef or chicken and a carb with it. Except last week we were on the go a lot, socializing, and therefore eating dinner out. The burger and fries, pizza, Chinese food, and Mexican food truly adds up quickly even if I am only eating half my entrée. Meal planning – I simply MUST get back to meal planning! I think we ate more dinners out in a week last week than we have in the last 3 years.

As it is on Sunday I am meeting Kayla and Graeme for breakfast before touring a wedding venue they are considering. Since it’s kind of my rest day (i.e., light workout at the gym), I will probably experiment with a protein shake before the workout instead of my usual meal and eat breakfast afterward. There is no question in my mind I’d go to the gym first before meeting them, so it’s primarily a flip-flop of my meals and post-workout snack.

There is definitely at least one wedding slate for September 2016, so I have 9 months to get my ass into gear and reshape my shape to not be the fat (but more fit) mother of the groom. I say 9 months because I will want to acquire or start seriously narrowing my choices for my dresses (for the wedding and rehearsal dinner we must host) by next August, a month before the big event. It is good to have concrete goals, right?

It was an exceptionally great week for me, despite my lack of progress. Next week will be better.

Happy weekending everyone!

2 thoughts on “Fall Fitness #14 – Stepping up and seeking balance

  1. Late comment this week – have been busy moving. So good for you for twice with J – I think you will start to see results more quickly and gain more physical confidence as well. Don’t give up on the yoga! Not my favorite thing at all BUT it has really helped me make progress on a number of exercises – including squats and reverse lunges. And reduced the stiffness/ache. It is hard for me to fit it in my schedule but I’m doing it a 2x a week and two round of a sun salutation (usually in the morning) each day. Cardio I got nothing. I need to do more. I MUST do more. But I find it so boring. Let me know when you figure that one out. Question though? Doesn’t the rowing count for the cardio? I know you can do that at home – right? Up the intensity? Imagine that every row takes you further away from the crazy job – faster you row the further away you go! 😉

    Weight is up and down – good to catch it and be aware. Not sure if I suggested this before – one thing I do is have a variety of choices on hand that are OK for meals and then pick what I want instead of say it will be chicken on M, W & F and …… That makes it easier for me. And I really have to keep the snacking foods out of the house. Those are my downfall.

    Have a great week working out!

    1. Okay, SAK, I won’t give up on the yoga. I really WANT to give up on the cardio, because it IS boring, but I’ll get back to and keep up with that as well. Rowing is more a stress-reliever for me, although I believe it technically counts. But honestly, it’s difficult to elevate my heart rate enough and keep it there to make it count. Arc trainer to the rescue!
      Worked out with J this motning and it was another shirt-dripping-sweat-fest. I just feel like my boredom will be alleviated working out 2x weekly, so I have 2 days of this workout, 2 days of Thursday’s workout, and then a “rest” Sunday where I’ll do a set of each workout. So goes my plan, anyway. I’m definitely making some good solid progress.
      Food is my downfall. But I have to admit, not having insulin as a crutch really makes me pay attention to what and how much I am putting into my mouth. We’ve banned convenience snack food from the house, although M will make popcorn at night as a snack and that works out fine, because I’m asleep by 9 most nights to make my 4:30 wake-up to get to the gym by 5:30. Time, time, time! It seems I am constantly consulting the clock.

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