A couple of weeks ago (here) I wrote about purchasing a dry shampoo to help with sweat head from daily workouts. Walking out of the gym every day with hair drenched at the scalp from sweat and washing it daily after workouts is not feasible, so I decided to try dry shampoo between regular shampooing to see if I could freshen and perk up my locks.

It has been just over 2 weeks and a half-dozen occasions of experimenting with the dry shampoo. In those experiments:

  • I have developed great understanding of what it must be like to be a flocked Christmas tree.
  • Spraying dry shampoo topless or with a towel draped over the shoulders and pinned in front should be listed on the directions.
  • Bending over and doing a head shake after massaging into the scalp is a good habit to get into.
  • Blow drying after spraying into the hair was the best advice ever (thank you commenters A and Lesli A for your advice on dry shampoos).
  • I learned 30 cm is about 12 inches, and you should heed the can’s instructions about holding it at least that far away from your head/hair when spraying.

Overall, I have been pleased with the results. It can be messy (second time out I sprayed my hair with it wearing a black blouse, now waiting for me to retrieve it from the dry cleaners and hopefully no longer sporting fine white powder all over it). In my original post, commenter Lesli A suggested blow drying the hair after spraying, and her advice was spot-on in my experience. It takes a lot less time for me to blow my mostly dry hair into a smooth style, and the action seemed to spread the shampoo more efficiently and evenly than just rubbing it into the scalp/through the hair. My hair smelled nice and fresh to my nose, and my hair did look smoother and more polished than on days when I try to get it under control with just the blow dryer and flat iron.

My biggest issues probably stemmed from not following the directions more precisely. If I had the can too close to my hair it looked like I had just threw some talcum powder into my mostly black hair. The blow drying and brushing mostly diffused that. Learning how much (or little) to use was also a trial and error experiment for me. I found a little goes a long, long way for the clean look and fresh smell I seek. For $7.99 a can, I think it will last a few months for me. However, next time I am trying the one for brunettes.

7 thoughts on “Hair fitness – dry shampoo adventure

  1. Hey Janelle,
    Another piece of advice from your dry shampoo junkie reader! I don’t know how dark your hair is but my hair is dark brown. I find the Batiste brunette color to make my hair color look more grey/green. For such a great price you should definitely try it but I still prefer to use the original Batiste opposed to the brunette color. I’m so glad I could help!

    1. Hey Lesli, thanks so much for the feedback! I jut have to train myself for that 30 cm away when spraying AND less is more with this product. Either that or plan to more time blow drying to repair my mistake. I’ll keep posting on my evolving hair care journey, because I do like the extra time between shampoos it buys me.

  2. Another thing to be aware of with the brunette dry shampoo is that it leaves a black residue under your fingernails if you are put your hands through your hair.
    My hair colour is dark brown but i prefer to use the original colour.

    1. Thanks for the warning, Ashland. How icky! From the couple of comments I’ve received on the brunette version of the dry shampoo, I’m probably going to continue with the original and just put my trial and error knowledge to good use.

  3. I can’t do the dry sahmpoo – I bought a really good one and then by the end of the day just hated how I felt. It made me itchy and greasy and I never get greasy hair.
    I tried many variations and finally gave up – I could go a week and not wash my hair and it looks half decent.
    I did find the ones I liked the best were like a spray powder and super fine…but did not require any heat, just a brush.
    Good luck!

    1. I’ve not had that experience yet, and hopefully never will. But my daughter said the same thing. The heat is not a necessary thing, but the humidity from the sweat and working out makes its natural curl want to wreak havoc. The heat from the blow dryer makes smoothing it out so much easier.

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