It’s the weekend before Thanksgiving, and we have 14 people coming for dinner on Thursday. The to-do list for this weekend looks pretty long:

  • Rearrange the guest bedroom – put king size bed (currently in our living room) into the guest bedroom and dispose of existing queen size bed and all associated bedding.
  • Move equipment (power washer, air compressor) and other crap from living room to garage/little house/trash can/donation pile.
  • Take donation boxes to Goodwill.
  • Deep clean master bathroom and clean/apply waterstain treatment to glass shower door and clean closet mirror doors.
  • Rearrange master bedroom furniture. Ugh. This one is a bit of a battle with M and is unlikely to be fun or pretty to listen to or observe.
  • Laundry.
  • Housework.
  • Inventory pantry, refridgerators, freezers.
  • Costco for holiday meals and other needed items, the mall to return a pair of shoes.
  • Storage to retrieve holiday decorations and lights. We will hang the outside lights day after Thanksgiving and tree/indoor decorations will go up the first weekend in December.

My desk is also a mess, but lately, my desk always seems to be a mess. I think it’s the cluttered state of my mind in general? Either way, it doesn’t make the cut for this list, because it will get itself sorted out in the next week or so as projects are officially wound down and concluded.

I also want/need to carve out some reading time, because I have a stack of ebooks in my cue I am eager to complete before the next batch becomes available.

So I will be pretty busy this weekend with non income-producing domestic chores. I am determined to clear this list this weekend, but I’ll be happy with all the little items I can do on my own. M has been a bit under the weather and getting off to a slow start this morning, whereas I have already been to the gym, have a first load of laundry running, emptied, refilled, and rand the dishwasher, and gotten quite a good size donation box together for dropping at Goodwill. The master bathroom is next on my hit list.

Anyway, I should get back to it. Happy weekending everyone!



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