I feel especially blessed this year for a lot of reasons.

My wonderful husband, the long-suffering M who puts up with my moods, my stresses, my hair-tearing agonizing about details large and small. He is my chief cheerleader, unwavering supporter, believer that I can be all I can be and more (even when I am sure that my best ended there, some distant point far behind me). Next year we celebrate 18 years of marriage, 25 years of togetherness, and I feel so fortunate that we continue to stumble and bumble along together through life.

My children are well, healthy, happy, in love, and engaged to be married. These are good places and spaces to occupy. Our family circle expanded in the last couple of years with A and K joining our ranks, and not a day goes by that I do not feel grateful that they too are part of our tribe.

My health is good and improving every day. Regular exercise makes an enormous difference for me. I am off the fast insulin – hopefully forever – and my shape is altering even if the scale is stubbornly playing ping pong with the same few pounds.

My little business has grown beyond my wildest imaginings, giving me plenty of opportunities for not only making a living but learning, growing, working with new and different organizations. I have undertaken engagements that challenged my professional skill set and expanded it to meet the demands of the projects. I have had new experiences with different sizes and types of organizations and with amazing people who possess different, far-reaching visions and ideas that were once foreign to me. So many business professionals I know and/or have worked for in the past have been referring clients and friends for specific services I can provide; the level of confidence and trust in me is truly humbling.

Our dear friends near and far who are so priceless in all they bring to our lives and times. They magnify our joys, comfort and console and support in our sorrows. A huge reason life stays fresh and wonderful and FUN is because of your place in our lives and our place in yours.

And finally … this blog, my little corner of cyber real estate. Thank you to those who read, who follow, who like, and who comment. Your kindness and time spent here with me means so much, and I am truly grateful.

From my home to yours, have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving one and all.

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