I went to a kava bar last night with my daughters (C and close-enough-to-be-counted-K). Trainer J had gone there with a date Sunday and told me about it. I must either be the only client with potential to be interested in such a place or he has been listening to me discuss M’s supplement explorations. Or maybe I will be seeing other members there when M gets to try it on Wednesday evening? He has experimented with kava kava in the past, but being the curious type he is quite eager to try this shop and their frou frou drinks. This is not typically our kind of thing, but it sounded just weird enough, intriguing enough to make M wants to give it a whirl.

But I also mentioned it to the kids yesterday. They are around J’s age and I thought they might have heard of it, since they all live in the general area. We had a previously planned wedding planning conclave scheduled and K thought it sounded like a fun place to try, so we decided to meet there. So in addition to K (her conclave, her choice of locale) and C, my former mother-in-law, former sister-in-law, and former SIL’s daughter joined us at this very interesting place. Thankfully my former in-laws still adore me after all these years (feeling is very mutual) and would forgive me if it turned out to be really awful and we had to relocate.

But it was fine. Turns out my former MIL is familiar with kava kava and its effects from her retirement travels. After trying several different drinks, which I must say were not delicious or yummy by any stretch but became surprisingly more palatable the longer we were there, I can safely say this will never be something I look forward to enjoying again. The company was wonderful and we had lively discussion and uproarious laughter. It was a fun evening.

I actually started this post last night and had the following paragraphs written before turning my attention elsewhere:

I feel strange. Good strange. The strange of the very straight-laced released from the constraints of responsibility only not anxious about it at all. More like boneless relaxed but not especially sleepy. Super comfortable and my normal hyper-responsible self does feel pretty damn detached right now. Living life as a rule-obsessed goody two shoes does have its limitations.

When I left the shop/bar/lounge, I felt fine, nothing unusual. I drove home, chatted with M on the phone about his rescue of a friend stranded with car problems, and felt perfectly fine. But after being home for an hour now, I am really enjoying this uber relaxed version of me. I am not sleepy at all, and usually the only time I feel this way is when I am lying down and in that weird place between a little awake and a lot asleep.

I do not want to go to sleep just yet, even though I should, because that 4:30 a.m. alarm will be going off in less than 7 hours now. Maybe I will write my condolence emails first. Or just sit here awhile with a fluffbucket draped across my lap. Pumpkin, you pick the oddest nights to be affectionate and impersonate a domestic cat.

I recall texting J about being more and more relaxed as the time passed, confirming his experience, but when M got home just after 1 a.m. I was finishing up my writing (the paragraph above for this post, some pretty excellent work-related emails I did not send until I proofed them this morning, and the condolence emails I needed to get done and also sent this morning). M was shocked to find I was still wide awake and working.

So after going to bed at 1:30, I woke up an hour later with low blood sugar and the beginning of a headache. By the time the alarm went off at 4:30 the headache had morphed into some fire-breathing dragon roaring inside my skull and even 2 excedrin tablets could not slay it. But I was only 5 minutes late for my gym check-in (I like to be there at or before 5:30) and went through the cardio-based and dumbbell routines without much teeth-gnashing or telepathic swearing. Well, there is the recurring bleeding elbow from the elevated glute bridge step, but who cares? It happens at least once a week from continually scraping myself up elsewhere and forgetting to put on a damn bandaid before leaving for the gym.

So, to recap, less than 3 hours sleep, low blood sugar overnight, killer headache (but bonus excedrin caffeine high), and full-on workout. I should be cranky, because I love my 6 to 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night, but I am not. If anything, I have my zen on right now and feeling pretty good even with the muted yet still throbbing head.

Life could be a lot more terrible that this.

Happy Tuesday everyone.

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