Happy birthday to my daughter, C. She has grown up into this amazing, independent, smart, and truly beautiful young woman. I could not be prouder to be her mom.

Of my three, growing up this was my quieter, contemplative child. In many ways she is more like her father than the other two (and that is not a bad thing at all – he has many wonderful qualities) yet also with flashes of my temper and off-beat sense of humor. She and G both love animals, but C turned that into an interim career (registered veterinary technician) and still uses those skills even as her attention turns toward getting out of the vet hospital and into office/business pursuits.

No big celebratory plans for us today, as she and A are having dinner with friends tonight and tomorrow through this weekend is a workday for her. We’re trying to coordinate at least a cake and ice cream event for all of us this weekend, but it may have to wait until after the new year. Something else to eagerly anticipate.

Happy birthday, dearest daughter. We love you to the moon and the stars and back.

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