Two years ago today I wrote and published my very first post on this blog. I never imagined I would at this point have 701 (now 702) published posts and 233 followers. Wow! How did that happen?

I look back at my earliest posts and see this ongoing evolution of sorts. My “voice” sounds so much more authentic and real now. I feel safe to discuss all sorts of fluffy topics as well as serious stuff that weighs down my existence. Truly, I think these days I discuss all facets of my life – the rich, the poor, the middle class, etc.

My focus in the last year has turned more and more to getting off my ass and actually moving around with intent. It has been an absorbing journey, one where I feel as if I am completely self-absorbed and evolving into an insomnia cure even more than usual. But that’s okay. There’s lots and lots of other content out there that you may find more appealing or interesting  read and to follow. Here I just talk about me and what seems to be happening in my orbit.

In the next 12 months my son, G, will be getting married. Wedding planning and festivities will be embarking full speed ahead in the spring. I believe the search for the mother-of-the-groom dress will begin in earnest in July sometime.

As of January 1 I will have a new part-time employment gig and 16 other self-employment clients on the books. When I add up the hours commitments, I am averaging about 34 hours per week in billable time. Not too bad. If I utilize M for some of the basic data entry, I am back to about 28 hours per week. My marketing will continue to be primarily word of mouth and referrals through at least the second quarter, after which I will decide whether to market to pursue more client hours or just try to have more balance in my life.

My volunteer work with budget teaching and coaching for individuals, couples, and families will start again in January. Depending upon how my workflow shakes out, I may also accept some hours doing paid tax preparation.

No plans yet for vacations, but I suspect we will be in Reno for the air races in September and maybe a few trips here and there in the spring and summer. A lot depends on the wedding planning process and what other priorities come up through the year.

It’s been 2 years of blogging, and how my life and my outlook have changed. I like having this tiny little slice of safe space to sort things out, tell the big and the little tales, and just share aspects of my day-to-day journey through life. I have a hard time expressing how much I genuinely appreciate your reading, following, and commenting. It’s  been rather humbling to know people actually do read the outpouring of words I toss up here as often as I do.

Thank you all for sticking with me. Here’s to another year, another 300+ posts between now and next year’s anniversary. Not a goal, really, so much as a projection of my proliferation of thoughts, emotions, meltdowns, reports on my days, etc.

But really … thank you for sharing my journey. I’m thinking about ways to be a little less verbose and a little more readable and intriguing. Please do not hold your breath in eager anticipation; it seems more likely you will turn blue and faint before that actually happens.

2 thoughts on “2 years, 700+ posts later

    1. Thanks, Marty. It’s not exceptional work, but I decided when I began a blog that I would do my best to be present. It’s become a safe place to download my thoughts.

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