So last night M finally, FINALLY agreed that rebuilding the deck might be bettered hired out to the professionals. It’s not that I think he cannot do it; I am absolutely certain he would do a stellar job. However, it’s been 7 long months since our concrete was finished and we remain stair-less and having to come in and out of the garage to get to the pool and backyard. Have I been patient? Most of the time, yes, and part of that is I just did not want to fight with him about it. Last night I was working on our 2016 budget and telling him that I really wanted the deck done by the spring … and he said maybe we should get estimates and hire it out.

I was online and looking at decking contractors within minutes after that statement. I already have my first choice lined up to come out on Monday.

Since our joint decision to go composite versus wood, it has become a much more complicated project. Plus he would need helpers to get it done, and once the project is started my very limited well of patience will quickly run dry if daily progress is not occurring. Paying a contractor is significantly less expensive that marital counseling or having your wife lose her shit ever single day because it’s taking too long to get a couple of simple decks, stairs, and railings rebuilt.

My point and theory about hiring work out is pretty simple: there are jobs M really enjoys and jobs that are simply drudgery and hard work. Rebuilding the deck is drudgery and hard work, would take him 4, 5, 100 times longer than a contractor and crew, and is it really worth the conflict with me? I am sure he would rather spend his time refinishing the used teak patio set we just purchased. He can take his time and make it beautiful again.

Once the deck is completed, painting the exterior of our home is next … or may happen concurrently. That should be the extent of home projects for 2016, but it’s more than enough to consume our enhancements budget and saving for 2017 will commence.

Spring always seems to be an exciting and expensive time of year.

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