Why is it the one time I stop somewhere after the gym is the Sunday morning when lots of people I know are out shopping?

M has this lower leg itch thing that flares up frequently in the winter, and his favored treatment is a Walmart-branded anti-itch cream. He had texted me at the gym asking if I could stop on my way back and get some – apparently the itching was so awful he didn’t want to wait until our planned errands later today. The parking lot was not very full, so I swung in to get it. Sweaty and gross under my sweatshirt, capri gym tights, sneakers, hair-in-pony tail and sweat head … yep, I was quite a sight wandering into Walmart.

But at 10 a.m. on a Sunday morning, I wasn’t expecting to run into anyone I know. Until I did.

Two different clients, a neighbor, and a former coworker all in the short trek between the anti-itch cream aisle at the front of the store and the kitty treats aisle at the back of the store. Looking way below my best seems to be the surefire way to run into folks I know and who will stop to not just say hello, but stop and chat a moment, ask me about my holidays, M, kids, etc.

Oh well. I go to the gym routinely now, and sometimes I stop for gas or to get milk or buy anti-itch cream and kitty treats. I am putting myself on the road to getting over it.

2 thoughts on “Hot mess

    1. It’s amazing, isn’t it? Our town/burb is not that big, and not that many people I know live around here. Yet this morning, it was like everyone I know was shopping at Walmart.

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