It’s New Year’s Eve, and we have awesome plans … to have no particular plans. As is typical for us, we are staying in, possibly going to bed before midnight, and looking forward to a nice 3-day weekend.

Hopefully without a blood sugar low. Man I HATE when that happens under normal circumstances, but when it happens during the day on an empty stomach … disaster strikes.

Today has been all about the cars. We had M’s CRV in the shop for annual maintenance and I spent almost 2 hours at the smog shop getting the truck checked. Of course, because I have been disorganized about my personal stuff lately, registration payment was due today, so I had to get the smog done and then check and such off in the mail.

The smog shop wait about crashed my blood sugar, but the drive home was what truly sent me over the edge into the low lands, specifically a 52 (low is about 60). Obviously I am still sort of disorganized in my personal life in general, in that a protein shake before working out with J (aka about 7 this morning) was inadequate to keep me going strong until well after lunch (aka 2). However, I had no idea it would take me so long to get the truck done.

Once I get to that point with low sugar and raging hunger, it is like there is no food in the house that is safe from being raided. The can of juice was adequate to get sugar back into normal range, but hunger then takes on life of its own. And unfortunately we have not been a clean as I might like about ridding our pantry of all the troubling carbohydrate snack foods.Granola bar, snack bag of almonds, can of soup and lots of saltine crackers, plus an orange later … well, suffice to say I feel completely overstuffed and gross. I know it could be so much worse; we could still have chocolate lurking. But still, this was not the lunch I had planned to celebrate the last day of 2015.

Speaking of trainer J, he is back from his vacation and I am so happy! I wish I could be altruistic and say that it is because he seems so rested and relaxed after 8 days away from the gym, but my reasons are mostly selfish. I am happy to be back in Thursday normal training mode, overjoyed that holiday playtime of unrestrained eating and drinking is now concluding (for real this time), and really relieved that I can now have a meltdown over something supremely ridiculous and help is available. J is always terrific about being available via text or even telephone (the super awful emergency situations that have not happened ever) if I have issues, but I was determined to not have issues while he was away. And I didn’t. I stuck with my routines and did not veer too far outside of the weights I have been using. It was only 8 days; my world is not going to end if I stick with 20 lbs. versus the 25 lbs.

is just nice to be back to normal Thursday appointments. Today was different in that we focused exclusively on lower body stuff. About 50 minutes and overcooked spaghetti for legs, I was so done. But new exercises and OCD review on the old favorite goblet squat … all of which is probably on the menu on Monday. Which is fine with me. My plans for starting the new year include continuing with my existing rotation of Lists with additional focus on the goblet squats and TRX pushups.

I especially love introduction of new stuff days. Usually I hate them while we are doing them, because I feel like lots of bad terms I am going to try to break my habit of using about myself. However, after a couple of hours of thinking about our session and reviewing it in my head, I start to imagine the possibilities, several of which include NOT having a meltdown while practicing on my own. Probably the reason I am so engaged in this training partnership is that it has a rhythm and rhyme that resonates with me. We have new stuff day, then review day, then maybe we switchback and do something else, or come back and J adds enhancements or reorders the routines.

So while my 20 weeks of training reports may have concluded, I am sure there will be write-ups from Mondays and Thursdays. Now whether they are on Tuesdays and Fridays or the actual Mondays and Thursdays remains to be seen. I’m sure I’ll find the pattern once 2016 gets started.

I am also, finally, ready to get serious about overwhelming myself overhauling my overall nutrition and diet. The dietician is next week as well, but J has very generously and very sincerely to meet with me on this topic and I will be buying him a cup of coffee and picking his brain over it.

In the last several months I have gone from sedentary to training with J to training with J AND going to the gym nearly every day to pursue practice of what he is working so diligently to teach me. If I put forth the same sort of focus and concentration on diet and nutrition, I will be successful with this if I do the work necessary.

Being healthier surely feels better than anything tastes in the moment I am eating it.

But for tonight, I’m eating celery dipped in ranch dressing and sunflower seeds. Well, there’s also some lettuce and cucumbers and tomatoes and chicken in the mix, but really, for me it’s all about the ranch dressing and sunflower seeds. And while I would really love a fully sugared Mexican coke with it, I am drinking unsweetened decaf iced tea. M is eating some weird combination that includes beef brisket, eggs, and something salsa-like, all while swigging hot green tea, because he’s freezing to death in our well-heated home.

Boy, we sure know how to ring in a new year.

Be safe out there everyone, and a very Happy New Year to all of us.


One thought on “As 2015 ends …

  1. I cleaned out my work bag and started getting tax stuff organized. Can I rock a night or what. I was kind of afraid of my work bag. Now I’m drooling over new bags but that is not to be yet…maybe as a reward around april 🙂

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