New Year’s Day has been quiet and uneventful for us. But it is off to a pretty good start.

I got up later than usual and went to the gym. Where I proceeded to work pretty hard with my mini bands, TRX, and stretchy bands. While I felt pretty good this morning after yesterday’s lower body palooza learning day with J, my glutes and legs were back feeling worked and sore.

Consequently, I am even more determined to get myself up and into the gym tomorrow to do at least a couple of sets with the mini bands and then something else … maybe resistance as cardio or with the dumbbells. But something. I am starting to recognize the difference between being normal fatigued from exercise and the fatigue from stress that comes with overwork and life’s imbalances.

Today is definitely the fatigue from exercise.

We had a nice lunch out and then went and did some shopping at the mall. A box of Christmas cards (75% off), a few groceries, and a presently unsuccessful search for a heating blanket and we are home, doing laundry and writing this post.

Nothing big or crazy or anything else going on with us this weekend.

Happy new year!


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