The new year has begun very quietly for me, and in truth I needed the break from the go-go-go! tempo that seemed to be set after Thanksgiving and continue through Christmas. The 4 days off with no commitments, no guests, and the only appointment was with J on Thursday morning has made for a perfectly refreshing weekend. It’s been kind of still and boring around here and I have savored every single minute.

Tomorrow the clock starts ticking again with work and everything else. Thankfully my social calendar is blessedly clear.

I would love to say I began the new year eating better, but I lie so poorly. Truth is the weekend has been about lazing and grazing on terrible for us foods with zero regrets. I was quite mindful putting those m&m’s into my mouth and drinking that soda, but thankfully there is no more in the pantry. Instead I have a fridge full of fruits and vegetables, chicken, and healthy convenience (i.e., cans of soup) for lunches and dinner. Breakfast will continue to be protein shakes before workouts, although I may have to supplement with some greek yogurt or an egg. We’ll see how it goes.

Tomorrow I have an early session with J and also an appointment the dietician to help me map out a solid outline for an eating plan. This week I have a lot going on, hence the cans of soup for quick lunches between offices and appointments.

The week will be challenging – first week as an employee in my new part-time gig and still working things out with the former firm. It remains a headache but at least we are moving in a positive direction. Along with the rest of the self-employment work I’m juggling it will be a hectic week.

Wishing you all a good week no matter what you have planned. I will also hopefully be returning to my regular chatty blogging program with the return to a normal workweek.

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