Disclaimer: I haven’t seen the movie and have no idea what the plot of it is/was, but the title has stuck with me and seems so appropriate right now.

So a couple of weekends ago I found what feels like the perfect dress for my son’s wedding in September. Since I wanted to think about it overnight and show K pictures of it before purchasing, of course the next day the 2 sizes dress in the color I wanted had been sold. Luckily my sales associate was able to order it for me at the $55 clearance price in the 2 different sizes. Since the wedding is still several months away and I am exercising, (hopefully) refining my eating habits, and (possibly) shrinking my dress size as a result, I want to be prepared. Or not. Either way, one of these dresses will work and the other will be returned. Or if something truly drastic and dramatic happens, both will go back in a few months.

Just in case you missed the first post, here’s the dress in the teal color.

Teal Dress

They arrived yesterday and I was very excited to try them on and show M when I got home last night. Both are too big. WTF? One barely zipped 2 weeks ago and the other did not get tried on because of fear of bursting seams. While I still have not deployed a scale in my bathroom, surely I would have noticed shrinkage of entire dress size in this short period of time.

To make matters worse, M was sort of meh on the dress. Or to be fair maybe not the dress, if it fit less like a potato sack with pleats. His primary reason for being so lukewarm to it was the teal color; he refers to it as “healing bruise” color. Ugh. Please DO NOT refer to it that way in front of G or K or anyone else associated with this wedding, because it is rude and will likely hurt someone’s feelings. He is looking at the picture of the dress online and asks why not get the electric blue or the red, both natural draws for me. M, we have discussed this repeatedly since the kids got engaged. K has chosen TEAL because it’s what she likes (and G is indifferent enough to such things that she should have what she wants) and I should try for something in the TEAL color family. Must be a Mars/Venus thing.

While eating lunch, reading emails, and writing this blog post, I emailed my Nordstrom associate to ask for help on what to do about these 2 too big dresses that are clearly marked as the sizes I ordered. She suggested (1) returning them both, and (2) ordering 2 more in the same sizes and a third in another size down.

See where my reference to the 27 dresses comes from? Only it might not be 27 different dresses, just 27 of the same dress with 26 of them returned for whatever reason. I can already see where I am going with this wedding stuff, and yes, I anticipate by the time the actual wedding gets here, I will have purchased and returned in the neighborhood of 27 dresses. Or more.

But while composing the email to her, the door to temptation opened yet again. I was minding my own business when the advertisements displayed another dress, on sale, and in a color scheme that works with the bride’s primary teal color but with a print and other colors I love as well. Of course it is not available at any of my local Nordstrom stores, so I would have to order it and try it on and then return it if it does not work. I’m undecided whether I will try again with the present teal dress or just return both and keep hunting … at which time I could order this other one instead.

The argument in favor the present, in-hand teal dress if one can be found that is in the ballpark of fitting me: it is a perfectly functional wear-to-work dress for those dress-like-a-grown-up occasions. The one I saw today, not so much. But dang I love it. And knowing myself really well, how many more dresses am I going to fall in love with once spring and summer get going? Way. Too. Many.

I have no idea what’s gotten into me lately. I am not much of a shopper anymore, especially since I started this fitness journey. I have restrained myself from buying clothes unless absolutely necessary. Shirts I bought a couple of months ago are feeling big-ish and have me wishing to have gotten a size smaller. I just got a couple of pairs of gym capris because they were cheap and functional, so my shop-til-I-drop gene should be satisfied for the next little while. And I am promising myself no more bad days where I require retail therapy to recover my spirits.

Ugh. The next 7 months are going to drag by because I am certain to be seeing cute mother-of-the-groom teal colored dresses everywhere. And don’t even get me started on why I am staying away from shoe departments. I will have a hard enough time deciding once I actually get busy shopping.

4 thoughts on “27 dresses

  1. My DD and I love that movie. We have the movie and watch it when flipping through channels on tv all the time LOL. I really like that teal dress with the pleats. Maybe it won’t look like a sack when it fits you right. Just keep buying and returning, haha. You’ll find the right one, but maybe you should wait closer until the wedding, so you are more at the size you will be at that time? If one you really like is a bit too big, doesn’t Nordstrom have tailoring for customers?

    1. I just lucked out on this dress. It was $138 normal price, marked down to $55 on clearance when I found it, which was the ONLY thing that made me bite. I’m actually returning the 12 and 14 I have in my possession, and the associate helping me ordered another 12 and a 10, because she has every confidence I will be shrunk down by September. And if not, just leave the tags on it and keep the receipt and I can return it. REALLY hard for me to pass up such a nice, elegant dress for $55. Now I just have to get another one that fits me.

  2. Go for a dress that you love for the wedding. And wait – your body IS going to change with everything you do. Not just because you do or don’t lose weight but because your reshaping it. September is ages and ages away – you are going to look very different – trust me! Of course Nordstrom is OK to buy from because of their return policy – otherwise – hang on till July!

    1. I love the dress, if it just fit! But I’m returning it and reordering in the same sizes and one size smaller, because at $55 I can afford to have 3 of them hanging in my closet until September and my figure settles down and shakes out. But I am serious – it may very well be 27 dresses before I’m done. The nice thing about this one I’m trying to work out sizing on is that I can wear it to work or other sort of “day dress” occasion. IF I can find one that fits me sometime!

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