For whatever reason, I was up and ready to go to the gym at 4:45 this morning versus my usual 5:15. I have no idea why I was up and out of bed well before my 4:30 alarm, but I was. Perplexing, but whatever. I think my mind never went to sleep and just decided that it was time for my eyes to open and me to get up.

Practice did not start out terrifically well. Second time this week, I forgot my phone upstairs on the arc trainer I was using for warmup. I happened to be walking right by J and his client as I realized it and I know J heard my expletive that I thought was only inside my head. Ah well. He’s a big boy and surely has heard it before, probably from me at the very least.

Once up and going on my routine, it went really, really well, so well I am now partially convinced I cut corners, shrugged my way through it, or was using mislabeled dumbbells. The biggest bad on the list today was the Bulgarian elevated foot split squat, and it was surprisingly smooth. I am not yet ready to give up my box for balance support, but I am also mostly lightly resting my hand on it rather than the white-knuckled death grip I was using when we got started on this movement. Maybe because I have so many reservations about the Bulgarian it surprises me when it does not cause teeth-gnashing angst. While that little voice in the back of my mind is reminding me that I am probably doing something wrong, I will take the win and do a minor victory lap. Sweaty and gross as usual after going through this stuff, but in a much better, happier frame of mind for having succeeded with the full sets of today’s List with a bonus of TRX pushups and shoulder fallouts. Still feels like minimal progress on the pushups, but perhaps there is a breakthrough waiting to happen any second now.

I decided yesterday to proceed with my smoking client, and I already have a signed contract and credentials for his bank accounts and office network. This morning there was an email and a big giant PDF file with all his January transactions thus far in it. Turns out we will be working remotely 99% of the time using cloud-based software and transferring scans back and forth. When we met on Saturday he had expressed concerns about security and wanted everything on his local network or my laptop, but apparently something or someone has changed his mind. So yay! I’m delighted. He is a super nice guy and seems like he will be easy to work with, but I really do dislike the smell of cigarettes.

While I have a busy, hectic, crazy couple more days this week, there are bright spots on the horizon as well. Today I have my law firm job and regular meetings, and one of the partners texted me that we will be bringing in lunch. I had raved on Monday about this fantastic caesar salad from a neighborhood restaurant M and I had split on Sunday and I guess we will be getting takeout from there today. The sliders with the salad were also good, but I am sticking with just salary today. It was huge and a meal all by itself if not shared.

01/17/2015 – Ceasar salad and tri-tip sliders

M is still upset by the situation with his former therapist. Whatever the real circumstances surrounding his professional downfall, there is no denying his influence and the work he did for and with M. Hopefully former therapist will be okay during and after his incarceration.

Tomorrow is shaping up crazy with my own therapy appointment trying to be rescheduled and two different clients that seem almost desperate to see me and discuss their year end results. I have already spoken to J about rescheduling our session, something I HATE doing (the rescheduling, not the talking to J). I feel very protective of my gym time and my J appointment sessions. Because I know me, and if I give in too often to rescheduling because of my own workload I am likely to fall into a habit of trying to squeeze in training time instead of making it a personal priority. Like getting up and going to the gym first thing in the morning, it’s just easier to set a schedule and stick to it as much as possible. Still, stuff happens and I need to have some flexibility or worse things will happen. If I just do not allow myself to de-prioritize the exercise I should be fine. Besides, it’s one Thursday appointment out of many and it should not send me spiraling off the unhealthy cliffs and back to swilling soda, eating a lot of junk food, and making excuses to avoid the gym.

Okay, self-pep talk is now concluded … maybe I should do this every morning. Off to the races that is the balance of my Wednesday.



5 thoughts on “Oh happy Wednesday

  1. If you were cutting corners or doing it wrong your body will tell you. You were just nailing it Ms. Gym Rat. 😉
    Being a little flexible on training schedule is good because you have built up such consistency. And great that Mr. Smoker is real a remote client!

    1. I felt all rebelliously badass-y yesterday when an associate offered to loan me a diet book saying I could read it at the gym … she just assumed I was doing cardio like she and the rest of the new year resolution crowd. I had to explain to her what I am usually doing at the gym does not involve standing or sitting and pedaling and did not offer opportunity to read.

  2. Ok I’m with you. But PLEASE try and schedule your day around your workout. Healthwise, they are too important to take a lesser priority. Just sayin’ 😉

    1. Absolutely! Which is why I was at the gym last night at 7 and back this morning at 5:30 for my session with my trainer. People think I am crazy, addicted, obsessed, but in reality I am just fulfilling my commitments to better health.

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