So this this is just a brief observation, utilizing 5 of the 15 minutes I have for eating lunch today.

As part of my goal to eat on a more routine time schedule, I’ve been consuming a fair amount of progresso soup. The light chicken noodled varieties are my typical choices, but they have a lot of carrots and I do not like and therefore will not eat carrots, cooked or otherwise. Or cooked celery. However, through the course of the last couple of weeks of eating these things I have kind of gotten over the celery and grudgingly consumed it, but those big giant carrot slices have been carefully segregated and gone down the garbage disposal every day.

Until today, when with only 15 minutes between appointments to scarf down food, a few of those sliced pieces of orange goodness (or so say the nutritionistas in my midst) have found refuge on my spoon and me in too much of a controlled hurry to vote them off the island. So holding my nose, I’ve put them in my mouth and swallowed. Yep, almost whole. Nope, have not felt the urge to vomit or died (yet). They have almost – ALMOST – no taste and are therefore not entirely offensive. The progresso soup carrots are obviously less carroty-tasting carrots. Maybe they can be tolerated in the future. Maybe.

I know, I know … me and my first world problems.


8 thoughts on “Less carroty-tasting carrots?

  1. LOL – I can see you picking each carrot out and throwing it away. Watch your sodium though – even low ones can be salty!

    1. It drives M crazy to watch me do this! He says I examine each carrot piece as if I am ensuring it has no cancer or something. I just want to be sure there’s nothing else worth eating clinging to it. 🙂

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