My to-do list looks like a typical Saturday, with gym practice and laundry and household chores and grocery shopping on it. But it feels much longer today because I feel one of my periodic cleaning and decluttering frenzies brewing. M had better stay out of my way or may find himself in the donation bin or worse. At the same time, M feels the need to stick around when I get like this, or all his carefully acquired and hoarded junk crap possessions may no longer be part of the household by the time this weekend concludes.

I pretty much start every Saturday with the gym and practice the day’s chosen List, and today was no exception. My mind is an independent contractor these days, and despite my best efforts to tell it to focus, Focus, FOCUS damnit! it has ceased listening to me and my desires and churns up recent junk I am trying to avoid at every available opportunity. Mostly practice was successful; I finished 3 sets of one of our more recent Lists and can feel the muscles having mild to wild conversations with one another. There were a few instances of silent screaming into my towel, but it worked to get me back on track without bursting into tears. Compartmentalizing is supposed to be my friend, until it fails to work as I planned. Still, I practiced, I worked really hard on maintaining my forms and moving the weights to and fro. The pace was not peppy, but it got done. I am calling that good enough.

We received the bid for our new deck and it’s expensive, so much so that M is having second thoughts, and I am simply rejiggering the budget to get it done. I actually do not begrudge anyone from making a profit on their work – business is business, after all. M, however, is always seeking out the best deal, willing to consider lesser materials, and to utilize any benefits from working relationships and referrals. This is an investment in our home, something that should last for a very long time. Our contractor gave us a better than fair price, and looking at materials … they have gone up significantly since last we considered this project several years ago. M is still toying with that he can rebuild the deck, and I am quite sure that is the case. However, I am not inclined to be patient and give him 6 to 8 months (or longer) to get it completed. It’s simply not feasible for him to do the work all by himself, and we are understandably reluctant to ask for unpaid help from friends. Despite the relatively simple shapes, it’s going to be a fairly significant job to get it done.

Then there is all our stuff. Way. Too. Much. Stuff. I am about to start another clothing, shoes, handbag purge, and as much as I seem to have done already it always seems there is still more to do. Same is true in the kitchen. Oh, the kitchen [insert sad face here]. We have done fairly well with purging the kitchen and pantry of less great for our health goals type foods, but the draws of gadgets and cabinets full of bowls and glasses and coffee mugs must be addressed. Pantry remains kind of a disorganized mess based on our changing focus to more prepared-from-scratch type cooking. Our spice cabinet needs a second shelf, because it seems like we suddenly have so many things that M has either been trying and was sort of “meh” on or trying and using and then squirreling the bottles away after they are empty and new ones purchased.

The garage will require a week of staycation to address. Definitely not touching that his weekend.

I am staying busy, because really, I have a lot to do. Probably just like everyone else.

Happy weekending everyone!

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