From Thursday night ….

I’m not sure what has come over me today, but I am ridiculously cheerful. A strange day with jobs – at my part-time job much of the day, helping out another client at his office for a few hours, dealing with weird occurrences at both – yet I remain curiously unfazed by it. Maybe it’s because it’s work and I am very good at what I do to earn a buck?

But the rest of my day has been … simply wonderful. Whether it is a choice, the exercise, the eating, the kava I ingested last night, the day has been good. Really good news from one friend, really icky adventures from another on her job, and those spoiled fluff bucket cats we adopted actually act like they notice that I haven’t been around much to interact with them the last few days.

Obviously it’s not that difficult to make me happy.

But for an uneven week I feel as if the tide is turning. Tomorrow is training day, so something else to look forward to and whatever that brings with it.

And now it’s Friday morning, and the simply wonderful day streak continues. Despite all the mental temper tantrums (accompanied by all the swearing that may or may not have been vocalized) I was having last night trying to complete and file our taxes (and yes, I am an accountant by trade), my mental and emotional balance is being restored. Maybe it’s the kava I had on Tuesday. Maybe it’s TM working his magic on my head. Maybe I was just due to bounce back. Whatever “it” is, I will accept it graciously and be happy.

I heard Pink’s “F**king Perfect” last night driving home and have adopted it as my most current theme. It fits where I am right now. Enjoy! I will be back later with my training update post – lots and lots to share today, but surely that’s no surprise? They do tend to run long. *smile* (this is the cleaner version of the son)



6 thoughts on “Perfect

  1. I love Pinks song! And I have to know what exactly is Kava…us East coast people usually take longer to get these things. We don’t even have a jamba juice and I would love to have one!!!!

    1. That’s okay – happens to me all the time! And yeah, I just dropped the non-clean version of the Pink song into my playlist as well. Maybe I am just a potty-mouth at heart, but it seems so much more appropriate than the cleaned-up PC version. Those fluffbuckets are spoiled rotten and have us completely wrapped around their puffy-fluffy paws.

  2. Ack – wrong comment on wrong post! So for this post (I hope the right one!) – I love that your attitude at the gym has changed! Your workout is so different than mine but I love how much you are embracing it! I agree with you on the quote – no matter how much you care about someone’s progress/health/whatever – until they switch on caring about it themselves there is no real change. Because honestly if it didn’t require that willingness to change oneself then we’d all eat perfectly and be in great health with no bad habits. BTW – no happy gas at my gym but what i really want them to do is turn on the AC – we are having a heat wave and hard to motivate myself to do cardio when standing still makes me sweat!

    1. You’re a different breed of badass at the gym, SAK, but it is all good! At least we’re going and that’s what counts. 🙂 I find the time spent and the conversation opens up all sorts of stuff inside my head and it leaks out on the blog. I think that’s probably why I blog – my navel gazing verbosity has no other outlet. Sometimes when I am trying to cope with a difficult client or personal situation it helps to remind myself that I do care about the outcomes even if it seems to me the other party does not, and sometimes it’s really, really hard to give shit because of their actions or attitude. Nothing every seems to be so simple.

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