Today is Valentine’s day with the added bonus of being our 18th wedding anniversary.

In years past we have done lots of fun things to celebrate. Used to be M would buy things at the dollar store and every day there would be a little gift for me. A banner across the living room when I got home from work. Silly cards. Candy hearts. Little boxes of chocolates. Balloons. It was always fun leading up to the actual day. The kids were young then, too, and our celebrations were as much for them as they were for me.

But in truth we are a pretty low-key couple when it comes to celebrations and always have been. The first time M brought me flowers – 5 years into our relationship – I was sure he had done something so awful it required a dozen red roses to soften the blow. No, he was test driving mainstream romantic and my reaction confirmed for him that we are not mainstream romantic people. We love each other every day of the year, happy and grateful for a happy and thriving relationship, and it is part of who we are to demonstrate it every day of the year. For us, simply being caring, loving, and affectionate toward each other has been a constant since we began dating. Big, flashy displays on the calendar-designated special days has never been our way.

Typically we go out to dinner either before or after our actual anniversary, as we did last night. A casual eatery that is M’s new favorite place for burgers, it was quite wonderful.

Today? M is off to run with a couple of buddies, I will soon be heading to the gym for some sort of workout and then home to do laundry and other weekend chores, probably some prep work for the week ahead. Chicken is defrosting in the kitchen for dinner. This is a pretty typical example of our weekends, including wedding anniversary celebrations. No cards or gifts will be exchanged. Just us, hanging out together as we do most of the time.

So happy anniversary and happy Valentine’s day, M. Thanks for having the good sense to choose me, and for hanging in and hanging on for the better and through the worse we have enjoyed and endured together. May I never take you for granted and be consistent and constant enough for you to know I always have your back.

Happy Sunday and happy Valentine’s day everyone.

6 thoughts on “Valentine’s day, our way

  1. Happy Anniversary! your flower story totally reminds me of basically the same thing that happened with me and my DH. One day (not Valentines Day) he comes home with a box of long stemmed roses. So out of character. I was so totally suspicious. What did you do? It was so funny and we still get a laugh out of it.

    1. I saw the roses arranged in a vase and first words out of my mouth: “OMG you’re cheating on me!” We laugh about it. We admire the many beautiful arrangements and displays for V-day and say “oh, anniversary stuff! They are celebrating our anniversary.”

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