News of the day is that my daughter, C, and her fiance, A, have finally settled on a wedding date. Theirs will be a simple, no-frills, courthouse wedding downtown tentatively scheduled for April 22. Since that is what they want, we are completely behind their choice and happy for them.

However, A’s big, boisterous family have certain expectations and desire to be part of celebrating the happy event and feting the happy couple. My sister in mother-in-law-hood reached out to me yesterday about having a BBQ for the kids the weekend after they definitively decide that yes, that’s when they are getting married. I’m fine with that – assuming C is okay with being feted that casually. Whereas her whole immediate family numbers less than 20, A’s immediate family is more like 120+. And that’s just brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins that live locally.

I think she will be okay with it. A’s mom will spearhead the effort; I have already offered to cover desserts and anything else she needs. This should be an interesting event to unfold, and I truly hope the planning does not get so out of control my daughter regrets telling the family about their marriage.

K’s birthday is Sunday, and we’re having family dinner on Thursday but celebrating with cake and ice cream here on Sunday evening. Which brought forth this wild hair that 2016 will be the year of scratch-baked cakes for the kids’ birthdays. K is February, G is March, then A in September and C in December. Surely I can manage, right?

So I inquire as to what sort of cake K would like. First choice is German chocolate, second choice is coconut. Since none of  the rest of us are crazy for coconut, German chocolate is what I’m making. I have never made a cake from scratch in my entire life, much less cake and frosting. But how hard can it be? (Hopefully only a rhetorical question.) I will make one on Thursday to ensure I can do it and that it tastes like it’s supposed to taste. If it’s a total bust I still have time to call the bakery and order one.

A is going to be tricky – black forest cake. Ick to the cherry topping, but I have enough time to experiment and figure out how it’s done. C and G are simple souls – chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream icing, sprinkles and white/yellow cake and chocolate buttercream icing, no sprinkles, respectively. But between K’s German chocolate and A’s black forest I have lots of time to experiment and to ponder. Except I have another birthday next month, a wedding and it’s associated celebration the month after that, then a summer of guests … plus my usual work and exercise and rest of life’s responsibilities and such.

But hey, it’s an adventure, right?

So many other topics to write about ping-ponging around in my head, but I have TM this morning (versus our usual afternoon) and my schedule feels off because of it. I am such a creature of habit.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

3 thoughts on “Weddings, birthdays, CAKE … oh my!

  1. You are going to bake the cakes from scratch!? I’m so impressed! I can’t even make slice and bake cookies – I touch the dough and somehow mess it up. Of course then I would have to eat cookie dough – better for that not to be in my house! 2016 is going to be a very exciting year for you – 2 weddings, continued success at the gym , new deck on the house (how is that going?) – you are busy!

    1. I am going to ATTEMPT to bake from scratch. All this stuff I have read/been reading about clean eating and real food makes has impacted me enough to think I should try it. Of course, assuming it is edible it cannot stay in my house after the birthday celebration, and I may have to expand my search for taste testers if M continues with his version of dieting. The German chocolate could be M’s undoing; it’s a top 3 favorite for cake.
      Our contractor is busy building other people’s decks and remodeling their kitchens and bathrooms, so our start date is middle to end of March, after which it will take up to 2 weeks to finish. Then M will have to seal it, and believe me, my rarely seen nagging skill will be coming out if he does not get skippy about getting it done once the deck is complete.

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