The kava bar on a Wednesday night with a bunch of lawyers and their staff, including me. The reactions to the taste were hilarious. We ordered a bunch of different drinks – from tea to tonics to hot chocolate – and I had tried to explain over and over that it is a bit of an acquired taste. The expressions were priceless, but by the end of our time there everyone was feeling the positive effects. I think they might be willing to try it again sometime. Either way, I enjoyed the experience. I brought home a new drink for M and something else (maybe new?) for J tomorrow morning. Sometimes I am nice to those around me.

I typically like most people. Coworkers, unless they are innate asshats, are generally easy to get along with, because working together brings an immediate level of common ground in most cases. This group is smart, funny as hell, and really interesting conversationalists. We have had great times at lunches and drinks on previous occasions, but this was the first time I have hung out with them on some kind of unknown turf. It was quite fun.

Conversation turned to gym and fitness and having kids someday. My associates are all younger than me – the partners by probably 10 years and the rest of them are mid- to late-20s and early 30s so more my kids age. I suppose I seem hipper now, because I told them about and introduced them to the kava bar. Which my very hip, old soul (in much nicer to absolutely nicest non-dinosaur bone ways), 20-something trainer told me about it. I think they thought it would be some health tonic that tasted like lawn clippings, but not quite. J is not a supplement pusher, and I don’t think kava has much use as far as physical endurance or weight loss.

A few of my associates are continually surprised that my children are adult enough to be getting married this year. I have enough vanity to be flattered that to them I do not seem old enough to have kids that are 30 and soon to be 29. I wonder what they have stodgy parents? Maybe raised by elderly grandparents? I feel plenty stodgy most of the time myself, even amongst my peers, so I find such comments just a bit disconcerting. I am working on that whole accepting compliments graciously thing; it’s a process.

The topic of having children looms large for a couple of folks. While I myself love my kids and have no regrets about becoming a mom, I have never kept it secret that I looked forward to this time in my life when the kids are grown and out on their own and no longer need me quite as much or in the same ways as during my hands-on parenting years. We are family; there will always be those strong ties that bind and (hopefully) desire to be involved to some comfortable, balanced degree with each other. But by choice I was a young mom. I am getting a kick out of my 40s and now 50s thus far, especially lately.

I have no idea if either of my kids will have children and families of their own, and I am fine with that. Their lives, after all; my kids do not exist to produce grandchildren. One of the gals wants me to adopt her, as her parents are waiting anxiously for she and her husband to start a family and the pressure is absolutely smothering. Expanding a family has always seemed like an extremely personal, intimate decision, not topics for debate among generations of family members.

I was greatly amused by the sharing of college and law school stories from when these … well, kids … were true kids and experimenting and doing really stupid things that they will likely never share with their parents. Many of the tales made me laugh and be secretly glad my kids do not necessarily tell me about all their escapades.

It was a fun adventure, sort of a true team building experience. With kava. And a nice perk? The partners allow me to expense tonight’s tab and the guy behind the counter mixing up our stuff slipped some samples into my bag. He really is a sweet man who is always very nice to me. Probably because every other time I am in there I am bringing lots of folks with me. I do appreciate the thought and don’t have the heart to tell him and M and I do not really enjoy the concentrate, so I’ll pass it along to J.

All in all, it turned into an excellent day. Training at 7 tomorrow, too, so I can sleep in until 5 rather than having to get up at 4:30. I had tea in the shop with my associates, plus there is still a glass in the fridge from what M made up for me last night to help me sleep. After mixing that with some pulverized frozen pineapple and strawberries I should be out like a light in seconds. I can definitely use the rest. Hopefully it will keep nightmares at bay as well.



2 thoughts on “Team building with kava

  1. Sounds like a good time at the kava bar! Nowadays you are young to have 29/30 year old children. So many people have kids later that they will lucky if their kids will be teenagers by the time the parents are mid-50’s – forget functioning adults. Among people I know/work with – if you have a child before 30 you are “young” parent. I can’t think of any that had their kids before they were late 20’s.

    Hope you get a good night’s sleep!

    1. Anymore that’s really true about the age of parents. I’m just glad it worked out the way it did.
      I really do enjoy this firm and the people in it. I miss all the staff at my former job, but the owners and all the stress they created? SO HAPPY to be free of it.

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