It’s Monday, training day at 6 a.m. Nope, this is not the recap post; this is the I’m-awake-and-it’s-weird post.

Because it IS weird. To have my alarm go off at 4 a.m. And blogging about it. Oh how boring my life is, right? *smile*

Another weekend is concluded, this one K’s birthday. The German chocolate cake was baked and frosted, and it was pronounced as delicious. My first ever completely from scratch cake, it was not difficult just more stressful than open box, add eggs and water and oil, mix, bake, open can of frosting and frost. I am glad I did it, put forth the additional effort, although in truth I am not enough of a cake connoisseur and definitely not enough of a German chocolate fan to taste the difference. In this it truly was the thought that counted.

01/21/2016 – K’s birthday cake

Other than that, that effort, it was a weekend of work and trying to stay ahead of the tidal wave curl that seems to be upon me right now.

Time for me to get myself to the gym for my 6 a.m. training appointment with J. Back later with that update.

Welcome to a new week, everyone!

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