This morning I had my second low blood sugar this week, after what seems like a few months of no issues. On Saturday it was 59, and this morning it was 49. I think this is a new low for me.

I cannot think of anything weird or different about this morning. I had my typical protein shake beforehand with my usual intent to eat something after showering. Gym practice did not seem more intense than usual. If anything it was better than it has been because I am reclaiming my focus and was super happy with my single leg anterior reach (fancy, short name for standing on one leg and bending over to touch toes) because I did better on maintaining my balance.

Yet there I am in the shower with the familiar light-headed rapidly escalating to disorientation feeling of low blood sugar. By the time I got out, dried off enough to test, I was to the point of sweating and shaking. At least I had fresh OJ to counter it with (thank you, M), but it got a very pleasant morning off to a perplexing start.

The silver lining is that it’s dietician meeting day, so I’ll ask him about where I am going wrong this time. Probably it’s time to drink a protein shake immediately after practice or eat something before showering. But yuck. I get home all sweaty and gross and last thing I want to do is prepare food in that condition.

Ugh. I guess I am back to carrying juice with me everywhere I go, especially the gym. Last thing I want to do is freak myself out publicly; better to carry the juice.  I keep thinking this is not going to be an issue anymore with how little medication I am taking, but apparently it is going to be an ongoing issue. Hopefully the RD will have some good ideas that are not terribly complicated to implement.

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