One of my original side gig clients has an urgent project for me to complete this weekend. Dropped into my lap last night, my report due to be in his hands by 9 a.m. on Monday morning. Other than a somewhat abbreviated practice this morning, I have done little other than work on this project last night until midnight, met with the client this morning (hence abbreviated practice), and then spent the entire rest of my Saturday and probably all my Sunday (except for my practice time, of course).

The joys of consulting. Lack of planning of their part does become an emergency for me. But at least I am compensated fairly and it is a unique opportunity to demonstrate my competence. For whatever reason, I tend to do well under with work pressure and short-fuse deadlines.

Thursday I was thinking, marveling really, that is has been at least a couple of months since I have harmed myself. No slips, no falls, no bumps, bruises, or scrapes anywhere. I have not cut myself with sharp knives or even inflicted a nick shaving my legs. It has been at least 2, maybe even 3 months since I have needed a bandaid for anything. If you know me and my overall level of not-paying-attention clumsiness, this is akin to a miracle.

I think I thought too soon.

Meeting at my client’s home on a rainy day, I apparently did not wipe my feet thoroughly enough and my sneakers with their smooth bottoms had zero traction on the tile entry. My foot slipped out from under me and I landed on my ass, banging my shoulder and my head on the door with the landing. No permanent damage, unless my wounded pride counts. A few lovely new bruises and a goose egg knot on my head and I am none the worse for wear.

My rear is smaller – less cush on my landing. But my overall balance is actually much better and I went straight down and did no twists or attempts to save my dignity. Today I am grateful for 3 yoga classes this week, a treadmill desk to keep me moving rather than getting stiff sitting on my sore bum most of the day, and that I have worked so hard at my single leg stuff. It does seem to me it could have (and in fact has been) so much worse in past events of this nature.

I feel obnoxiously cheerful facing an entire weekend of work. My plan is to practice something tomorrow, but I will listen to what my body says tomorrow about what we will do … assuming it is reasonably sensible and not suggesting pancakes for breakfast before blowing off practice.

I know regular exercise helps. Possibly the “eat more protein” mantra is also helping keep me on the straighter and narrower good health pathway, even if my meals the same meals daily and could potentially become very boring soon. More than all that, though, the novelty of turning away the habitual negative environment is working. Even one of my associates yesterday asked me if something has changed, because I am so darn happy all the time. We’re insanely busy in a heavy output cycle, working even longer hours than usual and doing tasks we do not typically perform to keep the workflow going, and I am cheerfully smiling through it all.

Maybe it’s cutting out the caffeine?

The work environment for me is typically not jaded or stressful because of personalities, habits, and conflicts anymore. What does happen is manageable, and I think working for reasonable people with a vision and capability to run their own practices makes it much more bearable. Even my self-employment clients are not that difficult to deal with, because I am a compiler and advisor, a worker bee and not a decision-maker. My other firm, I had to be the decision maker and the holder of the line between legal/questionable/illegal. It is not until you escape the toxic environment that you realize how truly poisoned you were while immersed in it.

So while there is still laundry to be done and other chores to be completed, it might be Monday before they get done. M was out at a race with friends all day and is attending a car show tomorrow, so my immersion in work-work is not an issue for us. But the chores? Well, he knows how to use Hansel and Gretel (the washer and dryer) if he starts running out of clothes. And I am just enough of a neat freak to ensure I started the dishwasher after I finished eating a sandwich for dinner.

It’s a good weekend to stay home and inside working, with the rain and wind going on outside. Hopefully the rest of you are doing something a lot more fun and relaxing than stressing about client stuff.


4 thoughts on “Saturday stuff

  1. …”assuming it is reasonably sensible and not suggesting pancakes for breakfast before blowing off practice.”
    Mine is suggesting an omelet, minus peppers and dairy (darn casein allergy), but first, laundry and sorting my paperwork for taxes. Know any good paper organizing systems?

    Have a great day, hope you are not too stiff and sore and heal rapidly

    1. Hey Vesta – no way could I eat anything like pancakes or even an omelet before gym. It’s why I like the protein shakes so much. Simple, easy, agreeable with my stomach.
      Best paper organization system I know is to just keep up with it every single day. I also don’t keep paper copies of much anymore; I scan everything.

  2. I have had three of those clients this week! Finally done – last deliverable (for now) was yesterday. Glad you didn’t hurt yourself and your baseline mood is improving. I know the exercise and diet changes help – except when you said cutting out caffeine! coffee = stuff of life! 😉 I will admit I have reduced my coffee and increased my water since the stomach flu – but I will never cut it out! Have a good day getting the job done! Hoping to catch up on blogs today!

    1. This project tops off a very busy couple of weeks, plus I don’t get to really enjoy almost an entire weekend of the house all to myself. But oh well. Little stiff this morning, definitely black and blue where my shoulder landed, but not bad. I’ll see how it goes at the gym today. I have training tomorrow, but this minor boo boo should not have much of an impact. I could probably be in traction and J would say he has a workaround for that. *smile* Good weekending to you after such a hectic week.

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