So a few things this morning, primarily health and wellness related.

First, I have my dietician appointment this afternoon. I am excited, curious, and practically bursting with questions I want to ask and a long list of things to discuss. RD is so kind to me. When I emailed yesterday about our appointment, I asked him if this was a 30 minute meeting (at which time I would schedule a second appointment next week); he said I am his last appointment of the day and it would be fine if we ran over the scheduled time allotted for me.

Second, my weekend project was extremely well received, major kudos from my client and his group. There are some minor changes and updates they have requested, but other than that, it looks like this project is done for now. Completely makes my week.

Third, I had a low blood sugar event this morning when I got home from the gym. Or to be fair, I was rapidly approaching low blood sugar event this morning, coming in at 61 when I checked before leaving the gym. This one was a sneak attack; usually I can tell one is coming by the feeling of being overheated and sweating profusely. However, I am at the gym, really focused on new stuff and hitting it pretty hard, and sweating comes with the territory. I did not feel badly or weird, but to reassure M, and J, and anyone else I might cross paths with, I test before I leave the gym. Today reminds me this is why I test, and also why M wants me carrying the juice in my gym bag, not leaving it in my car. *sigh* It was fine, but I admit to getting lazy about putting it into my bag.

Fourth, related to the low blood sugar event, I emailed my endocrinologist about it immediately, along with a download of my logs since last we met. He got right back to me and said he’d ordered labs and asked me to book an appointment after getting them done. I will visit the lab this afternoon before my RD meeting and scheduled time with the doc on Friday. Fingers and toes crossed this is IT, maybe he takes away the last medication? I have been very good about my diet, and I have completely turned around on my regular, consistent exercise. I really feel like it is maybe time to turn me loose into the drug-free world once more.

And that concludes our newsy-news of the day thus far.


5 thoughts on “This could be BIG

    1. Me too! I’m so excited I can barely sit still. LONG wait for Friday to get here, but at least I can pepper the RD with my pages of questions and such.

  1. It is big and I am really excited for you. I love hearing you be so positive about everything and if you look up in the sky there is not a single shoe waiting to fall. Nope not a one!

    Plus I am excited to see what the dietician has to say!

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