Heard from my doc this morning – 6:40 was the timestamp on the email – and he is taking me off the last of my diabetes drugs. OMG OMG OMG! I was at the gym when I read the email, and I must have made some unusual noise because the guy next to me asked if I was okay. Boy howdy I am absolutely FABULOUS!

While I still have to keep my appointment on Friday, I am over the moon excited about this latest development. I have worked hard to alter my lifestyle and give up bad habits, but right now every drop of blood, sweat, and tears over it seems so worth it.

And cumulatively, since I started working with J last summer, I am down about 12 pounds from my resistance workouts. I do the occasional yoga class and cardio, but mostly I go to the gym and do whatever List has caught my fancy for the day. In 5 months, I have missed practice exactly 4 days. I have given up soda and nearly all gratuitous sugar, cut back significantly on my carb consumption, and trust me those things alone have been very hard a lot of times.

For the way I feel this moment, I can definitively say the prize has been worth the price I paid and will continue to pay into the future.

Because I do not get to let up now that I have crossed this waypoint. I am realistic enough to know that I either stay on the path I am presently pursuing or I backslide into the same sort of medications odyssey I just extricated myself from. Sure my body and internal organs could rebel and simply decide they no longer want to work as designed despite my best efforts, but right now I am healthy and growing stronger and wiser about how to stay this way. I will take care of myself in the present and believe it will help protect me into the future. Right this minute, my better choices are driving what happens with my overall health. And I choose to believe I can stay mindful of that and consistently maintain my newly forming habits to stay on this side of the medicated line.

It is a very happy, very memorable day for me. Something GOOD has happened in March.

15 thoughts on “The BEST news!

  1. AWESOME!!!! OMG this is fantastic news!!!! I am so so so happy for you!!! Yes you must continue to do what you have been doing and monitor the BS – but really just how incredible is this. I have a huge grin on my face – your news made my day!! I really can’t express how happy I am for you – what a huge thing!!! 🙂 🙂
    Don’t forget to celebrate – in moderation – an extra strawberry or small piece of fruit. 😉

    1. OMG! I’m sitting here calling people – on the PHONE! – to tell them this news. Thankfully with the time difference I’m not waking them up like it’s an emergency. A super big deal to me, for sure, and a milestone to celebrate somehow, but not sure yet. Maybe yet another gym bag?

  2. Way to go! That is beyond awesome and you did all the hard work! You should be super proud of yourself for your dedication. I am glad you have surrounded yourself with positive people! Way to go!!!

  3. That is amazing news!! Congratulations! You have worked so hard to get to this place and deserve lots of high fives!

    1. Thank you, Marcelle! I feel like I am past the first big hurdle and not onto a slow and steady climb to keep it up. But today – I graciously accept any and all high fives!

  4. We already talked so you know I am thrilled!!!!!!!!! You better take all the compliments and high fives because as I told you, you deserve it. You worked damn hard for all of this and I couldn’t be prouder of you

      1. As you should!!!!! Don’t diminish your success!!!!! After all you could have stopped doing everything you were doing but you pushed through and made it! Now it almost second nature and I am truly happy for you…beyond happy…I am proud, gleeful, excited and also cheering you on. You give me the courage to go to the gym and to change my diet. You my dear rock…and rock hard

      2. As well you should my friend….as well you should. You have conquered many things and now you should bask in the glory and be very proud of yourself 🙂

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