Between my earlier post and now, I had an appointment with my endocrinologist. He is very happy with my labs and my progress and delighted that I at present no longer need insulin or even oral medications to manage my diabetes. However – and isn’t there always a “however” or a “but” in these happy situations – this may not last forever and requires that I exercise consistently and be very careful with my diet. That said, he sees no problems on the horizon and recommends that I continue to test, although I could do so randomly a few times per week rather than daily if I wish. I don’t wish, and I told him that being obsessive about tracking my blood sugar is the one number I am obsessive about that directly benefits me and is one of the controls necessary to keep me focused and on the right track. He’s fine with that. He wishes all his patients were even half as obsessive and focused on their health.

Other than that, the rest of my numbers look good. Blood pressure is normal, although I am apparently nervous about doctor appointments because it’s always a little high the first time the nurse takes it. Every. Single. Time. Second time, when I have been there awhile or after the appointment is concluded, it’s perfectly normal, even a little on the low side. I’m maintaining my cholesterol at positive levels without any additional cholesterol-lowering drugs and everything else looks good. We will likely ultrasound my thyroid again later this year – it has had some sort of nodule that we’re watching – but I am poster child for good health right now. Unless I radically alter my habits, this trend should continue.

I am due back in 3 months for more labs to ensure everything is still stable and my numbers remain this good, and of course I can get in touch if I have any low events or concerns. It went unsaid that if I lose my mind and start binging on sugar and carbs and stop being consistent with the gym that we will be having a completely different conversation in June. He also says we will do this check in every 3 months for at least the balance of 2016 and maybe stretch it out to 6 months in 2017, and if I continue to do so well, it could go annually after that. For now, I am looking forward to checking in again in 3 months and still having a nice clean bill of health.

My doc appears to be an obvious gym-going guy himself, being sort of muscle-y under the lab coat. He does hit the weights and is a cyclist, as I learned today. We did talk quite a bit about exercise, with him saying that if most patients even went to the gym twice a week and did one of my programs (I share my Lists with him) he’d be so much happier. The only additional comment about my exercise load was that I may want to consider tossing in some cardio – maybe 10 to 20 minutes a couple of times per week – for variety. Not absolutely necessary, because I am officially drug free and it is obviously working for me, but something else to consider.

And he’s primarily a vegetarian. He does eat eggs and fish very sparingly, but other than that, he is primarily a plant-based foodie. So that was an interesting fact to learn as well. Does not really recommend I try a vegan or even a vegetarian diet at this point in my journey, especially since I am just hitting my stride on the “eat more protein” campaign. Still, it’s interesting chatting with others who pursue different choices. It gives me great new ideas to consider.

That was a happy visit. It also improved my overall day and my mood. For a few several hours today I was really afraid that I somehow invite people to be not very nice to me. Honestly, I’m a decent, caring person. I do not seem like someone people should or would bully, yet it happens with old friends (one in particular I have since left on the curb) and now a stranger – just because, I guess. M has been wrapped up in other stuff all day – our neighbor who just lost his partner had an accident at home and needed a ride to the ER and bunches of stitches to repair a gash on his leg – and therefore unavailable to tell me that it’s not me telling the universe that I need such weird judgment befalling me. J has been wonderfully kind (as always) in his ferocious condemnation of asshat guy and reassurance that I am fine.

Plus my awesome coworkers were universal in their disdain. No, I do not have some sign on my back that says SPEAK CONDESCENDINGLY TO ME! My associates made a strong case that there are ignorant and insecure people everywhere, a very bad combination that makes them do really dumb things. They also presented the theory that gyms also attract a larger share of narcissists who believe everyone wishes to be blessed with their opinions on anything and everything. Between those rallying conversations and texts, I felt and feel much better. Hopefully a few days of normal, peaceful practice and he will be a very distant memory.

So the end of my Very Good Week has concluded on a high note. While I know one eye will be peeled and watching for asshat guy when I am at the gym, I will not let it ruin my days any further. I will just keep reminding myself that he’s the one being discourteous to me, not the other way around, and the only one I take direction from on exercise is J.

But I am still hoping our paths never again intersect.

5 thoughts on “Is it me? (no, apparently not)

  1. Not you – just the universe getting your monthly quota of jerks out of the way. Great doctor news. Love it! Vegan is hard. Had a housemate years ago who kept switching between vegan and vegetarian and maybe a little fish/eggs. Doc finally told her to stop and pick one because she was actually making her health worse.

    You keep on doing what you are doing – clearly on the right path!

    1. He’s a nice guy – my whole village of hand-holding professionals are very nice. But yeah, he does not recommend it for me at this stage, and then when every other food we discussed was “I don’t really like that …” he said definitely stick with my “eat more protein” campaign and I should be fine.

  2. It’s not you–some people are just jackasses!
    Your fitness and eating plans are obviously working–you earned your success. Being off meds is HUGE. (I am on metformin and still struggle with my numbers–your success is really helping my motivation for exercise and continuing to stay on my eating plan)
    Thank you for sharing your journey.

    1. Susan, thank you! I guess that’s a big part of it – I am so not rude that way, especially to a perfect stranger! I struggled for a long time for a lot of reasons, most of which could be pinpointed to something I was not doing with my diet or that I was not exercising. And I am realistic enough to know that my current level of strict compliance may not last forever. But right now, it’s very nice. Thanks again for reading and for your kind comment.

  3. As I mentioned before what an ASS. Anyway I have no idea why you disappeared from my blog list but you did…and it made me sad…but your back on there again. I swear I am a blog klutz.

    Anyway you are doing great both with your diet and your working out!!!!!!!!!! So proud of you.

    Oh and one last question where on your blog is your list of blogs you read since I cant find them and I want to add some of them back to my new blog since the old one was eaten by trolls

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