Not really, because it seems like it has been raining for DAYS around here. But in my little world it is a bright and sunny Sunday, at least from a mental and emotional health standpoint.

Except I apparently cannot count. *sad face* I’m perking along this morning, doing the 30 counts J had designed for the latest upper sequence with the stretchy bands, and I somehow or another lost count of my sets. I think I did 5 of the first and 4 of the second, but I cannot be precisely sure. All I know is that the time passed very pleasantly and when I looked at judgmental heart rate monitor a lot more time than typical had passed since I began that sequence. Scrolling back through my memory, definitely 5 on the first round and 4 or 5 on the second before I realized I had zoned out and lost track. No wonder everything was so hard the last set.

But oh well. I kept better track on the lower body and dreadful core work. It was quiet and peaceful and very pleasant. I am just glad to be out of the rain.

Now I just need to finish another in-progress post and I am officially released from self-imposed to-do list for today.

Happy Sunday everyone!

3 thoughts on “And the sun came out today …

  1. LOL! I love it – you were in the “zone”. I’ve been known to lose track of how many reps I have done and realize I have done enough when it hurts a lot more than normal! Glad to hear you were back at the gym w/o problem too.

    1. It’s silly, isn’t it? I do okay with the reps, but the sets get tricky. Got myself straightened out rereading a book J loaned me. I’m trying to write a summary review, but it’s so full of good “life stuff” that I may have to break it down into multiple posts.

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